Learn How to Upgrade Your Help Desk with a Bot: No Coding Required!

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Upgrade Your Help Desk with a Bot, No Coding Required

Businesses large and small have to offer their employees the right technical support. Larger organizations often do this via an online help desk staffed by live IT representatives. In some cases -- particularly when dealing with complex tech support issues -- having someone from IT available to answer a question is extremely valuable. But in many instances, help desk employees find themselves responding to the same handful of simple questions again and again.


If you ask an IT employee who’s worked with a help desk, they’ll tell you that the majority of questions coming their way could be answered in an online FAQ: questions like, “How do I reset my email account password?” or “What’s my login info?”. The problem is that while setting up an online FAQ is easy, getting employees to actually use it can be a challenge. More often than not, employees end up ignoring the FAQ and reaching out to support anyway. The end result is the same: your valuable IT employees waste countless hours responding to basic inquiries.

There’s good news, though: it’s possible to offer your employees help desk support for basic questions without tying up your IT team. How? With an online support bot!


The idea of an online bot is nothing new. The problem is that many organizations assume setting up a bot will be costly, time consuming, and more trouble than it’s actually worth.


But this couldn’t be further from the truth. With the help of tools from Microsoft, it’s easy to set up an online support bot without ever writing a single line of code. First, you’ll compile a knowledge base for your bot. Then, you’ll create the support bot itself.


Compiling a Knowledge Base for Your Support Bot

Before you can create a support bot, you have to put together a knowledge base (KB) for it to pull from. This is where your bot will get the information it needs to respond to basic inquiries from your employees.


This step might sound complicated and time consuming, but it doesn’t need to be. If you already have an online FAQ or knowledge base of some kind, this can be an excellent starting place for your bot’s KB.


The online Microsoft QnA Maker takes you through the process of putting together your knowledge base step by step. All you need is an existing Microsoft Azure subscription to get started.


Creating Your Online Support Bot

Once you’ve published your bot’s knowledge base via Microsoft’s QnA Maker, you can create the bot itself.


Upon completing the steps for the KB creation, you’ll be taken to a template in Microsoft Azure that makes the bot creation process simple. You can then test the bot from within Azure to ensure everything is working properly. Finally, you’ll launch the bot via the appropriate channels. You can make your bot available via your website, Facebook, or Slack, or even integrate it with Teams.


Integrating Your Bot with Dynamics ERP 

Are you ready to set up your first zero-coding bot?




Once your bot is up and running, your IT employees will be free to devote more time to important tasks. Then, you may even want to expand your bot’s capabilities. By integrating it with Microsoft Dynamics 365, employees can receive automated responses to inquiries related to budgets, financials, and other key data.


Integrating your bot with Dynamics 365 will take a little bit of coding, but the experts at AKA can help! Learn more about AKA’s Cloud Services and get started with your help desk bot today.


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