The Current State of Shipping: Pacejet’s Annual Survey

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Shipping plays a big part in some businesses, as it is essential to their growth, now more than ever. What used to be a luxury or a value-add has become the norm. Customers are now expecting free and fast two-day delivery. As a result, many businesses have been spending more time, money, and effort in ensuring that they meet their customers’ expectations. 


As shipping continues to evolve, many enterprises are wondering if they truly understand the current state of shipping. In order to further understand the challenges that mid-market business owners encounter, we conducted our annual shippers' survey. After, we put everything together in a concise infographic that will provide you with valuable insights and actionable steps to help improve your shipping. 




In this infographic, you will discover how much time shippers spend on their shipping process, the significant part it plays in most businesses’ budgets, and much more. 


More shippers are starting to realize that they can’t maintain their current volume and grow while utilizing updated systems and manual entry. The need for an agile and robust solution can be modeled to accommodate their business goals and growth is highest than ever. 


Download our infographic about “The Current State of Shipping” to learn more about what businesses, like yours, are struggling with and how Pacejet can help. Click here to download.



Learn more about how you can get fully connected shipping with Pacejet or contact us.

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