Connect the Dots Between Your AP Automation System and Binary Stream MEM

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Log into Dynamics GP. Log out of Dynamics GP. Log back into GP in a separate GP company. Repeat.

Sound familiar? When you manage multiple companies in Dynamics GP, the time spent logging in and out of the system is enough to make you want to throw the keyboard in the trash! That is, until you start using Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management (MEM) so that all of your GP companies are visible in a single instance. Once you have all of your GP companies and their accounts available in the same GP environment, you start to save a lot of time. However, that’s only the first dot in the accounting puzzle that we need to connect.

The next challenge is that your invoices may still be arriving in multiple formats – paper, email, fax, etc. – and they are probably being sent to different people or departments. This creates a very disconnected, de-centralized environment, which leaves the accounting team with little or no visibility into these invoices or their approval status. If you can relate to this, it’s time to begin invoice automation. This can start by asking your vendors to email their invoices to a single email address. Dot number two – connected!

Finally, once the invoices arrive in a central location, you will be ready to automate their indexing, routing for edits and/or approval and ultimately transaction creation in Dynamics GP with KwikTag. The secret to the success when you have multiple entities connected with MEM, is to use an AP automation solution that integrates with MEM. With both of these systems connected to GP, your invoices can be coded for the right entity from the start of the process. And once the invoice is approved and created in GP, the amounts due to and from each entity will automatically be included in the GL distribution information.

Connecting all of the dots, you have a single point of access to all of your entities in GP. Your invoices will be centralized and routed for workflow approval. And when your transactions are automatically created in Dynamics GP, the MEM rules will apply, and you won’t need to create new transactions or do double-work by editing the distributions in GP. That will all be done for you when you use an AP automation system that integrates with Binary Stream MEM, both connected to Dynamics GP!

We hosted a webinar with KwikTag focusing on the KwikPayables connection with Binary Stream MEM.


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