Announcing 365ParcelShip for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Manufacturers and Distributors are dependent on shipping carriers to get their products to their customers. Even with a great product, your business won’t be successful unless you can deliver the goods. If orders aren’t filled promptly, your customers will go to your competitors. If shipping rates are prohibitive, they’ll just pass you by. It’s imperative that your distribution company has access to the best shipping methods, at the right price, for each of your customers’ orders. But that’s not always simple and straightforward in a changing market. Searching through all the options could be a full-time job.365ParcelShip Logo

Thankfully, Western Computer has a better way. We’ve developed 365ParcelShip for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations already supports shipping larger items that are typically sent by full truckloads or LTL loads. However, what was missing (until now) was the ability to manage and ship smaller parcels from within Dynamics 365. Given the vast array of carrier choices and fluctuating prices, Dynamics 365 users had to leave the system to research and select the best alternative.

Maintaining an expensive third-party system into which you have to transfer all your customer and shipping data takes time and allows room for error. Contracting with another business that specializes in multi-carrier shipping is expensive. 365ParcelShip integrates multi-carrier parcel shipping functionality into Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, thus eliminating the costs and hassles of maintaining any third-party systems.

With 365ParcelShip for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can:

• Shop, process, print labels and track small parcels in Dynamics 365

• Autofill shipping information without manual entry

• Enjoy real-time carrier rate updates and terms

• Link shipping to specific orders and customer records

• Ship parcels from multiple locations, including the warehouse, inside sales, or sales counter

365ParcelShip by Western Computer provides an extension that handles all your shipping needs right within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It looks and operates just like the rest of Dynamics 365, so there’s no learning curve for users, and they will be able to processes shipping for small parcels without ever leaving the system. Thanks to an internet-based rate engine, users will also be able to take care of all record-keeping, printing, and inventory connected with the shipment.

This elegant and simple solution is both cost-effective and easy to use, and customers will love faster service and knowing they are getting the best rates and delivery options possible—every single time.

365ParcelShip is available for download on Microsoft AppSource, a resource for line-of-business apps for Microsoft Dynamics. AppSource is the go-to place for businesses looking for the best apps to drive growth, productivity, and profit. Western Computer is proud to be part of the Microsoft development community, and we hope you will look into this exciting solution for distributors.

Download 365ParcelShip on Microsoft AppSource

You might also be interested in two more distribution solutions for Dynamics 365 by Western Computer – 365CounterSales and 365VendorRebates. They are also available on AppSource.

Western Computer is here to help you with these and other solutions for distributors. Contact us today, and let’s talk about streamlining your distribution business.

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