Announcing 365CounterSales for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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What often sets smaller wholesale distribution companies apart from their large competitors is the level of customer service they are able to offer. And while huge companies may depend on volume, your small or medium-sized business is dependent on satisfying your customers and retaining their loyalty. 365CounterSales by Western Computer

Because customer retention is the meat of your business, what goes on at the sales counter is very important. Your customer service reps must be polite and helpful, that goes without saying, but they also need to be experts in your product line and skilled at delivering personalized service.

Give your sales reps the tools they need to really shine.

Too often, disconnected sales processes and systems create bottlenecks in your customers’ buying experience. If you could eliminate those bottlenecks, you’d be well on your way to creating a seamless, multi-channel retail experience for your customers.

Regardless of where or when your customers place orders, wouldn’t it be nice if their products were always there, on time, waiting for them to pick up at the sales counter?

That’s why we developed 365CounterSales by Western Computer for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and it’s available right now on AppSource!
Download 365CounterSales on Microsoft AppSource

Why you need the 365CounterSales app

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations already supports retail and telephone sales, but it lacks certain functions necessary for distribution-counter sales. The Western Computer distribution app is designed to provide the specific functionality distributors need. 365CounterSales integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution and provides the same look and feel as other Dynamics 365 applications. So, how can 365CounterSales help your organization facilitate processes for in-person sales, contribute to customer satisfaction, and maximize profitability?

Make counter sales faster and easier

Sales counter processes require specialized knowledge and experience from your sales team. They may be performing external manual tasks such as researching product information and inventory, looking up customers’ historical sales, and identifying prices, discounts, and special offers. With 365CounterSales, your sales team will have one tool that can handle all those tasks and more:
• Search for inventory items by any attribute
• Verify serial numbers for all products sold
• Access customer history, credit status, and open orders
• Determine profit margins and see applicable discounts, rebates, and offers
• Complete the order regardless of where it originated (telephone sales or online)
• Ship parcels directly from your sales counter

Now it’s easy to equip your counter sales team with the tools they need to serve your customers even faster and more successfully. 365CounterSales for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and brings together customer data and details about products as well as customers’ prior and current orders.

Now your sales team will have a single system to perform all the tasks required for completion of counter sales transactions. With a familiar Microsoft interface, users will feel comfortable and adapt easily to 365CounterSales. And, best of all, they will now be able to:
• fulfill orders more quickly
• ensure higher productivity
• achieve greater order accuracy
• increase customer satisfaction

Ready to learn more?

If you are looking to maximize the number and profitability of your counter sales transactions, the Western Computer 365CounterSales app is available today as part of Microsoft AppSource, the premier resource for line-of-business apps that are built on top of Microsoft Dynamics.

Combined with our other distribution applications for Dynamics 365 – 365VendorRebates and 365ParcelShip – you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors with a superior customer experience end to end.

To learn more, contact our experts at Western Computer.

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