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I recently attended Directions NA, the annual conference for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) partners. At last year’s event – soon after Business Central (the cloud version) released – I was too busy learning about the product to reflect much. But this year – with a substantial number of Business Central sales completed – I was able to get more perspective on where Tensoft is in this ecosystem.
My biggest take-away was that we’re fortunate to also be a SaaS publisher, with many years of experience selling and implementing in the cloud. One thing that the SaaS model forced us to do was to adopt a new sales and implementation approach, better suited to the needs and expectations of cloud software customers. In particular, we recognized the need for rapid, highly scoped roll-outs, at a fixed fee.
This experience has proven to be just what’s needed to offer an attractive Business Central bundle. Our customers have rarely stayed put after completing our rapid fixed fee implementation option – they usually choose to add more functionality of some sort. But our Fast Start Implementation gives them a solid starting point, and the confidence to move forward with additional projects.
From our side, we’ve been through the SaaS model learning curve some years ago, and made all the mistakes there are to make. For example, one of the sessions at Directions NA focused on how difficult it can be to re-train traditional ERP sales people and consultants to sell and implement cloud solutions like Business Central. I had to nod, remembering the old days of “doing discovery,” “parallel systems,” and consultants’ non-stop travel schedules. Today’s reality calls for a more streamlined approach, and a completely different mindset.
Another take-away from Directions NA was that we’re fortunate to have glommed on early to the value of repeatable solutions, rather than customizing for each customer. While many Navision partners have benefitted from the fact that Business Central is based on NAV code, others seem to have had a hard time adjusting to a model that doesn’t require substantial customization projects. Luckily, the product’s famous flexibility is still there, which is exactly what makes it possible to extend it as your company grows. However, the subscription pricing for the cloud version of Business Central is such a good value that start-ups and smaller companies can take advantage early in their life. And that’s where Tensoft’s experience with repeatable solutions has been so helpful, since these companies can’t afford the time and costs associated with heavy customization.
More re-sellers are jumping on the Business Central bandwagon now, with varying backgrounds and core strengths. I think that at least part of what sets Tensoft apart is a combination of our unique experience delivering cloud solutions and our laser focus on the idea of repeatable solutions. For the added perspective of some of Tensoft’s other team members, please watch the video below.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tensoft and Business Central, please visit https://dynamics.tensoft.com/ or contact us.
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- By Caprice Murray, Tensoft, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

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