Invoice-through-Payment Automation: Bringing automation full-circle

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MetaViewer has partnered with ACOM Solutions to launch a new Invoice-through-Payment Automation solution, aimed at helping companies automate their payables processes, from procurement all the way through to payment.


Combined with the power of Microsoft Dynamics, we've teamed up to round out the MetaViewer accounts payable process and the ACOM payment automation process, now allowing companies to expand the current MetaViewer workflow with Invoice-through-Payment Automation. MetaViewer’s automated workflow captures key invoice information, facilitates a web-based workflow that auto classifies, identifies and extracts transactional data and allows for custom online approval workflows, and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics where vendor information is securely stored and posted for payment.


This is where ACOM comes in, completing the automation workflow by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics to make paperless payments to vendors. Companies using MetaViewer and ACOM’s Invoice-through-Payment Automation technology also get the added benefit of receiving cash back from AP payments, eliminating all paper from source to payment, and increasing accuracy throughout the accounts payable process. RPA, ERP, OCR and payment automation all in one? That's a powerful solution we can get on-board with!


Want to learn more? Check out the full press release!

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