How to Implement a Cloud-Based Payroll System

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How to Implement a Cloud-Based Payroll SystemIf you’re ready to streamline your payroll system while also improving overall security, it’s time to implement a cloud-based payroll system.

You might feel like making such a big change is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Having a payroll system based in the cloud can be just as easy — if not easier — to use than your current payroll software.

How do you implement a change like this? Here is what you need to know.

Make Sure You Have the Features You Need

If you’re going to choose the right payroll system, it’s vital to have all the features you need. Is the software you’re looking for payroll only, or are there other elements you can use in your business as well?

Consider looking for additional features, such as employee self-service, HR onboarding, compliance reporting, and even tax filing options.

When you have a full-service software, you’ll be saving time and money. There will be no need to cobble together several applications to get what you need. This will help you avoid conflicts in software, problems with usability, and multiple subscription fees.

Get Copies of All Reports and Pay Stubs for All Staff

As you transition to a new payroll provider, you’ll need copies of all your previous data. Have your current provider send you electronic copies of all reports and pay stubs for all your employees, including terminated staff or contractors.

Remember that you have to keep payroll records for three years, so be sure that you have that on file before you make the transition to your cloud-based payroll system.

You’ll also need to keep employee tax records for at least four years, so if that was part of your previous system, be sure you ask for that as well.

Install the New Cloud-Based Payroll System

Payroll Now by Integrity Data

Next, it’s time to put the new payroll system into commission. The right system will have an easy, seamless installation, like Payroll NOW by Integrity Data. It integrates easily into Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central, a broader ERP system.

You can quickly and easily install the software from AppSource, and it will integrate with other components of the Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central. You can access real-time data and instantly share or download data as needed.

Your IT personnel can help you make sure that everything is working smoothly, but with Payroll NOW, everything is easy to install and use.

Set up Your Employee Profiles

Employee information can easily be imported from your previous software into your cloud-based payroll system. Once you have them in place, your payroll will continue uninterrupted.

How do you add new employees? Simple! Just take advantage of the built-in Employee Setup Wizard, which will help you on-board new staff members quickly and easily.

Your new system will be a lot easier to use than your old one, as a cloud-based system features a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Once everyone is loaded into the system, you can activate Employee Self Service. If you’re using Payroll NOW, your employees will be able to view paystubs, submit time-off requests, and make benefit enrollment choices quickly and easily.

Enjoy the Benefits of Your New Payroll System!

Using a cloud-based payroll system has a variety of benefits. Because your software is not on-site or based on your servers, you don’t have to dedicate IT resources to it. You also don’t have to worry about natural disasters or theft impacting your ability to run your business.

Managing payroll is easier as well because it’s accessible at any time. You can decide who has access and spread out responsibilities as needed. With live access to the data, multiple people can collaborate.

You’ll have a lot more security with a cloud-based system. The server backup system helps to ensure you don’t lose any data that you need, and cloud-based providers invest heavily in system security. You can count on your data being encrypted and regularly backed up.

Finally, you’ll also get the benefits of scalability. As your business grows, your payroll system will grow with it. If you have seasonal fluctuations, you won’t have to worry about changing plans or updating your systems — it will simply adjust with you.

Having a cloud-based payroll is a huge win for any business. Why not get started with yours today? Contact us to learn more about our integrated payroll app for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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