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The e-commerce industry, for the best part of the last decade, has been one of the fastest growing sections of the global economy, and it is expected to grow unabated in the foreseeable future. This is obviously a piece of great news for stakeholders in the industry. However, we should always remember that as businesses grow bigger and bigger, not only the scale of their operations grow, but the complexity also grows.

In an era dominated by high-end technology, people need everything at their fingertips. Moreover, as a consequence of this growth e-commerce businesses urgently need to manage their organization in a manner that they can operate from a central system. A dedicated ERP system will do that job perfectly.

Dynamics GP End of Life

Seeing what is currently developing in the Dynamics ERP world, you must have noticed that Microsoft has placed Dynamics 365 at the heart of its digital transformation strategy, which could well mean a dynamics GP end of life. Although it is not official yet, if one takes the talk of the town to be true, Microsoft may well be neglecting any future development and augmentation for Dynamics GP and then soon announce a Dynamics GP eCommerce EOL by ending its support.

Although we can’t see that happening in the near future, e-commerce players must prepare for what is certainly inevitable, so we provide ERP migration and integration services for our customers so that they remain ahead of the populace.

Dynamics GP Roadmap

During recent years Microsoft has regularly updated Dynamics GP to include the latest high-end transformative tech each year from GP 2016 to GP 2018 R2. Some of these updates include browser and device compatibility updates, Power BI updates, workflow improvement, and document attachment capabilities to name a few. By the looks of it, Microsoft does seem to complete the ongoing developments in terms of digital transformation for the near future at least.

Seeing how fierce loyalty GP supporters have towards this software, we have designed a Dynamics GP roadmap that will allow you to switch from Microsoft Dynamics GP to a modern day ERP software smoothly without hurting your business in any way while parallel making it easier to manage your growing E-commerce website.

Here are some steps we recommend GP users should follow if they are primed to embrace digital transformation:

  • First and Foremost plan your Dynamic GP 2018 upgrade if you already haven’t
  • Move your dynamics GP to cloud
  • Discuss your personalized augmentation options for your Dynamic GP software
    • Automation of Workflow
    • Automation in Payment Processing
    • Scanning and Approval of Documents
    • Budget augmentation
    • Buying and Appropriating implementations
    • Managing Collections
    • Powering BI Quick Start
  • Assess which dynamic/non-dynamic ERP software can fit with your business
  • Plan your much awaited Dynamic GP migration to the compatible ERP software
  • Identify integration opportunities for your business such as CRM, e-commerce, etc.

Dynamic GP E-commerce Migration

Most of the organizations that run on-premise accounting and financial systems are often trapped between maintaining their on-premise software and migrating to cloud-based ERPs. One thing common between these organizations is the fear of migration because they think it is really difficult to integrate your business with the new ERP system. While migration and implementation is a tough task as 50% of ERP implementation operations fail on the first try but picking hiring an expert to pick and implement it for you will make things quite easier as well as dynamic and efficient.

Having said that, let us look at some good options to choose from for migrating your dynamic GP.

  1. Dynamic 365

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations was released by Microsoft a few years back but due to its resemblance with Dynamic AX, few people at that time thought of it as a viable solution. Come the age of cloud computing and subsequent release of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Dynamics 365 Business Central came out to be a game changer as it combined ERP and CRM which provided for multilevel, integrated solutions and, changed the game.

Being the product of the same company, it is easier for Dynamics GP users to migrate or simply upgrade their existing software, which makes it even easier to migrate to and integrate your business with.

Features include:

  • Customer tracking
  • Marketing and campaign management features
  • Sales forecasting
  • Project Management and Service order management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply chain management
  1. Sage 100

Sage 100 is known to give SME business owners a comprehensive set of features which include CRM, HRM, inventory, time tracking, and project management, to name a few. Incidentally, Sage 100 was recently updated to Sage 100c which runs on the same platform as its older version and has an additional new feature for improved UI and mobile access.

One key function of Sage 100 is that it lets you access historical budgets across different departments, which helps you in planning your fiscal budget in a more accurate sense.

As one scalable software when it comes to budget and features, Sage 100 ERP is one good option for fast-growing businesses.

  1. SAP Business One

SAP Business One on the cloud provides complete ERP solution for your Small Medium Enterprise and lets you reimagine your ERP capabilities by providing an all in one solution for all of your business needs such as

  • Ease and accuracy in Financial Management
  • Effective Sales and Customer Management
  • Absolute control of purchase and inventory management
  • Efficient Business Analytics
  • Effective Analytics and Reporting

A key benefit is that automation reduces errors and data inconsistencies, while user permissions and approval settings assure protection of confidential data from unauthorized access.

Integrated ERP systems when working with your regular business needs is an unstoppable combination that makes your management of operations easier, as well as more efficient in daily operations, thus saving money and boosting profitability. To know more, do visit us on www.i95dev.com.

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