4 Reasons to Pivot to a New ACA Solution

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4 Reasons to Pivot to a New ACA Solution The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been in place for several years now and the solutions companies have put in place to manage ACA compliance range from manual spreadsheets to specialty software to outsourcing the whole thing. In the current political climate, many companies hesitate to change solutions, hoping the ACA will disappear. But the reality is the ACA is not going anywhere anytime soon. So rather than sticking with your current solution “just because,” now (with filing season finally over!) may be a good time to re-evaluate. Read on for help finding the best new ACA solution for your needs.

Not All ACA Solutions Are Created Equal

The ACA is too complex and fluid to manage in spreadsheets, no matter how creative or elaborate they are. Specialty software might include the basics, but won’t work with your existing systems or is difficult to learn and use. This adds another level of confusion and complexity you simply don’t have time for.

Not all ACA solutions are created equal. Here are four reasons to pivot to a new ACA solution and what to look for:

1. Your ACA solution is not comprehensive: Whether you are using spreadsheets, manual means or specialty software, is it enough? Can your system manage year-long tracking in addition to performing year-end reporting tasks? You don’t want a system that only does half the work or it is of no value to you at all. You need a comprehensive, integrated solution that can seamlessly capture, manage and report on the data needed, when it’s needed.

Integrity Data’s proven ACA Compliance Solution includes powerful automation capabilities with everything you need to fully manage ACA compliance and reporting requirements from end to end. This solution is comprehensive, seamlessly integrates with existing business management systems and provides insight into penalty risk management, eligibility tracking, and affordability monitoring all year long.

2. Your ACA solution is not simple: Integrating systems creates another challenge for your IT team and staff. You need a system that can be installed easily by a team of experts who are able to educate and inform your people about important ACA changes or deadlines. Some software companies install systems and then disappear because they aren’t ACA experts.

The ACA Compliance Solution by Integrity Data offers quick onboarding and a unique set-up wizard that will have you up and running within a day. Easy step-through processes will walk your team through year-end IRS reporting and provides at-a-glance insight into important key performance indicators. Our team of ACA subject-matter experts offer educational materials, Help Desk Support, a Knowledge Base site available 24/7 and monthly newsletters to keep you up-to-date on the latest ACA news.

3. Your ACA solution or partner is new: There are many software companies getting on the ACA bandwagon and creating specialty software packages. You have to ask the tough questions - how long have they been in business? How long have they been in the ACA business? Is the solution constantly updated to comply with changes to the ACA?

Integrity Data has been immersed in ACA compliance since early 2012 and maintains a forward-looking position. We released our first commercial version of ACA Compliance Solution in 2014, two weeks after the IRS issued the final regulations. We continue to stay current with ACA changes and IRS regulations, which means the ACA Compliance Solution will also stay current with ACA changes and IRS regulations.

4. Your ACA solution is not affordable: Does your ACA solution come with a hefty price tag, especially when you need specialty integrations or more staff to manage it? You should not have to break the bank to manage ACA compliance.

The Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution is affordable for businesses of all sizes and types. We offer a subscription model that is flexible enough to meet your needs and your budget. Even better, you can cancel the subscription should the law ever change or ACA gets repealed. Does your current software provider offer that?

Here’s the Bottom Line

The right ACA solution should save you time and costs in the long run. Contact us to learn more about Integrity Data’s commitment to ACA compliance and our comprehensive solution.

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