3 New Dynamics 365 AI Tools in the April 2019 Release

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Microsoft’s April Update for Dynamics 365 introduced three AI-driven apps that produce deeper actionable customer insights:


  1. Dynamics 365 Sales Insights which delivers business insights to sell smarter.
  2. Dynamics 365 Market Insights tracks trends, web insights and social conversations. This can show what your audience is saying and/or feeling about your products and brand.
  3. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, unifies customer data to provide a single, holistic view of your customers.


How Dynamics 365 AI Tools Improve the Customer Experience


Customer experience (CX) is the new battlefront for businesses worldwide.


It’s no secret that a smooth customer journey, one that involves an excellent customer service experience, can give you a huge competitive edge.


In today's hyper connected economy, the customer experience is arguably as important as what your company sells.


And yet, to consistently deliver a pleasant CX experience, firms must mine and analyze a ton of data. The right data must be collated to drive intelligent customer conversations and map an accurate 360O view of your customers.


But in the era of big data, humans simply can't keep up anymore.


With the advent of AI, small and large companies can use machine learning to make decisions that directly impact their customer experience metrics; here are five ways that Dynamics 365 AI tools can help them do just that:


A Personalized Customer Experience

With the global nature of modern business, can you realistically ensure a high-quality customer experience every time?


Yet, your customers expect to receive personalized messages and content. But assessing data for personalization takes time, as humans can only process so much information


Using Dynamics 365 AI in combination with big data, you can dive deeper into individual customer purchasing behavior. This helps you perform predictive analysis and deploy timely engagement strategies.


Detailed Data Insights

Your customer’s digital activities and interactions generate vast data silos, that can mined to gather relevant insights. By leveraging AI, businesses can deliver a 360O view of customers and their interactions.


AI tools make tasks such as data cleaning and combining data efficient and inexpensive. These tools also help enterprises manage customer data from disparate sources, integrate them with existing data and extract actionable customer insights.


Improved Search Recommendation


AI also plays an important role in anticipating the future needs of your customer. With its ability to detect patterns in data, leverage search history, location data, AI systems can determine what the customer is looking for and suggest accurate recommendations for customers.


This saves them time and positively impacts their experience.


Better Customer Support

Customer support has a notable impact on customer experience and AI can help you identify which customers need your help the most.


Effective AI tools for customer support include chatbots and virtual assistants. They allow you manage everything from addressing basic customer queries to even engage them in conversations.


When employed correctly, these tools let you focus attention, match your customers’ expectations and deliver a responsive support experience.


Efficiency and Productivity

Providing an excellent CX means providing quick, stress-free interactions that add value to your customers’ lives. But did you know 62.8% of your reps’ time is spent stuck in sales technology, 33.2% is spent mired in emails and 0.4% gathering sales intelligence from tools?


This is not a good use of their time.


Automating customer support with AI helps you improve operational efficiency and productivity. With AI, you can automate workflow process thus saving time and resources. This also frees up your reps to do more creative and strategic work, for better business results.




For businesses looking to build stronger, lasting customer relationships, improved customer experience management offers the next big breakthrough. Using AI will have a profound impact on your customer experience in the coming years.


Microsoft shows its commitment to helping businesses by empowering customer service teams to engage customers and prospects effectively. And with an October update to look forward to, you can expect them to roll out even more capabilities and applications.


As AI evolves, it presents innumerable opportunities to collect and merge customer data to develop detailed customer analytics, enhance engagement and increase your bottom line.


Want to learn how can Dynamics 365 AI can transform the CX for you? Contact an Admiral rep today!



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