Webinar: Benefits of Rental Business Intelligence Solution

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To-Increase is immensely pleased to introduce another product, which is part of its EASY concept. As the name indicates, the EASY concept delves into our in-depth insights of customers’ pain points to come up with the right solutions. Rental Business Intelligence is one of our offerings to mitigate some of the strategy-related concerns that our valued rental customers have.

No business in today’s world can exist in a situation where they are unaware of the market conditions. This is true for the rental sector, as customers here always expect the next level of service and convenience. The only way to survive in current market conditions is to ensure that you are cognizant of the way trends are changing in the rental industry.

Here are some of the problem areas that our customers have to deal with and the way our solution helps mitigate them:

Lack of expertise to gather business intelligence: With Rental Business Intelligence, this is a concern that you can easily deal with. No longer do you have to spend money, time, and people resources to gather the kind of business intelligence that your business requires. Often rental companies do not like to branch out into this exercise as it would dilute the focus of their IT team. With our solution you can:

  • Anticipate problems, decide on the next steps, and resolve them
  • Digitally transform your rental business with the right insights
  • Streamline operations based on the insights you get from our reports
  • Benefit from cross-industry best practices and financials

Unpredictability in costs and deliverables: One of the major problems plaguing the rental business is how unpredictable it can be in terms of costs and deliverables. While our solution cannot directly mitigate this concern, it can arm organizations with the right data to prepare them for the changes. Our solution enables you to:

  • Factor in changes in the pricing structure and communicate to customers well in advance to avoid problems
  • Plan fleet management and operations to ensure a smoother delivery of services without concerns
  • Conserve man hours, IT infrastructure, and related resources to focus on your core business

The dearth of readily available data for the rental sector: This factor affects your organization’s ability to make informed strategic decisions. When it comes to strategy formation and finalization, it is a good idea to incorporate both internal and external inputs to set the right context and foundation for future direction. With the reports that Rental Business Intelligence can produce, you can:

  • You can add approximately 20% of the strategic differentiator to 80% of the data from the reports to come up with the right direction
  • Ensure that all the decisions that you take are scientific and are based on insights that are related to the rental sector
  • Make sure that your business is prepared to face the constantly evolving rental business

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