No Relief for the ACA Employer Mandate in 2019

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No Relief for the ACA Employer Mandate in 2019With the Affordable Care Act filing season finally over for 2018, a collective sigh of relief is in order for US employers and those - like us - that help them out. But stay vigilant: complying with the ACA employer mandate in 2019 remains a must for US employers, and most likely next year as well – even with the continuing turmoil around ACA.

Turmoil around ACA?

After a federal judge in Texas ruled the entire Affordable Care Act unconstitutional last December, he (and the White House) stated that pending the appeal process, the law remains in place. This appeal process will take a while – a decision is expected late this year - and is going to be interesting for sure. There is also no doubt that whatever the outcome of the appeal, the case will go to the Supreme Court (again) and that the Supreme Court won’t rule until after the 2020 election.


And so the beat continues to go on for the employer mandate in 2019. Legally speaking, it is hard to imagine Congress moving forward on any legislation with a split House and Senate and a president opposed to keeping the ACA. And the Supreme Court most likely won’t rule until 2021, and a lot can happen before then.

So where does that leave US employers?

Healthcare will – again – be a hot topic in the 2020 election, but meanwhile, US employers with 50 or more full-time employees or full-time equivalents must stay compliant with all ACA coverage and reporting requirements in 2019 and most likely also in 2020.

Read about the top 3 things you should be doing now to stay compliant with the ACA employer mandate in 2019.

Staying ACA compliant in 2019

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