How to Party with the Right 3rd Party Solution

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With hundreds of 3rd party solutions to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP, where do you start in the evaluation process?

The best Customer, Partner, and ISV relationships are born out of transparency and successful product implementations. It is in the best interest of all parties that end-users find the perfect product to meet their needs. Before investing further into your Dynamics GP system, it is essential to determine how critical your business need is. This will impact your timeline and influence your budget when deciding to purchase a solution. Here are some areas to examine when determining if a 3rd party solution or custom development addition are a best fit for your system and unique business need.

What’s your Budget?

It’s no secret that the product price tag is usually the number one barrier to purchase. If you’re going shopping, confirm with the decision maker how much you are approved to spend at the onset of the process.

  • Do not spend time considering a solution that will exceed your magic number.
  • Shop around in your pre-determined price range to avoid stress at all levels.
  • Keep an eye out for possible discounts and specials to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

User Count

Are you looking for a system-wide solution to solve a problem for all users or just a select group? With an accurate user count, you can identify solutions to fit your specific needs. Perhaps a product sold by named users or via monthly subscription will be a better fit than one that requires all system users to have a license.

Does a Solution Meet your Needs… and then some?

Of course, the first requirement is to make sure it solves your exact business need or problem. Once that box is checked, start looking into additional benefits it can provide. Many 3rd party products are robust, offering functionality that will address multiple pain points. Look for a product that will solve your immediate problem and three others while you’re at it.

Try Before You Buy & Ask Questions

If a solution falls within your budget and meets your needs, the next step is to try it out for yourself. Look for products with a free trial, whether installed via a test or live environment. This will give your users hands on experience to test the functionality of the solution. While testing, be sure to ask plenty of questions to learn as much as possible before deciding to purchase.

Keeping these qualifiers top of mind while evaluating 3rd party solutions will make your evaluation process simpler and easier!

Is Rockton a Best Fit for You?

We offer five add-on products for Dynamics GP and we’d like to think at least one of them is a fit for your business needs. Here’s why:

  • Quick and easy product installation (15 minutes or less)
  • Affordable for budgets big and small
  • Products can be purchased based on full user count or via subscription
  • Robust solutions to address multiple needs (i.e. Our toolbox contains 27 different tools in just one product)
  • Try it for yourself with a free 30-day trial for all products
  • All product purchases include unlimited support and product enhancements

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