How to Get the Most out of Power BI

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It’s a known fact in the industry that 80% of powerful dashboards is not actually building the dashboard, but rather collecting and organizing the data sitting behind it. This article discusses how you can combine the strengths of leading business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions to create easy-to-use dashboards and operational reports.

Here are several features and benefits that could help you get the most out of Power BI. This Microsoft technology quickly is becoming one of the world’s favorite business intelligence and dashboard tools. A number of organizations we have spoken to have expressed the following needs:

-       Faster and easier implementations of Power BI

-       Less technical skills required to configure integrations and business rules

-       Model maintenance without contacting support

-       An easy way to combine and store data from many sources and then deliver it to Power BI

-       Additional features such as: Easy Data Input, Excel-formatted reports, currency conversion, etc.

Power BI

While there are several good products on the market that solve some of these needs, Solver’s BI360 solution based in the Microsoft Azure cloud and its Power BI connector now covers all of them! The latest Power BI Desktop release makes it even easier to connect to BI360.

BI360, a complete corporate performance management solution, provides a user-friendly Azure cloud-based data warehouse, budgeting and forecasting solution with an easy integration to Power BI. Combine your data in the BI360 data warehouse, and enter budgets, forecasts, and KPIs into input forms for your Power BI dashboards. Additionally, you can use BI360’s report writer to build highly formatted financial and operational reports. Microsoft recently release the latest version of Power BI desktop, which includes more information about how you can access BI360 straight from their app.

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