How Can Integrity Data’s Customization Services Help You?

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How Can Integrity Data’s Customization Services Help You?In the Microsoft Dynamics® community, there’s a reason Integrity Data stands out. It isn’t just for our array of Dynamics GP payroll and HR add-ons, or our ACA compliance solutions, but for the commitment we demonstrate in meeting our customers' needs—especially when they require a customized solution. That's right—we have customization services!

Expertise and Knowledge

Integrity Data’s team of consultants and developers are certified in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and Human Resources. In fact, we are so familiar with this software, we can design custom solutions that suit your specific requirements no matter the size of your company or the complexity of your operations.

Sometimes the best solution for your payroll or HR requirements might not even be an Integrity Data product, and that’s okay with us. We won’t hesitate to recommend the right strategy for you.

A small sample of some of the customized solutions we’ve developed for customers include:

  • Local and state tax calculators
  • FICA tax calculations
  • IRS reporting
  • Leave management calculations

Got a time-consuming GP workaround or process holding you back from being as efficient as you could be? That’s where we shine. Many of our existing solutions came from solving a challenge for a customer.

Finding the Solution

The ultimate goal for Integrity Data is finding the right solution for your software needs. Every organization is unique. What works for one business may not work for another. The key is to craft a customized solution that maximizes your software investment.

Integrity Data’s Design and Development team develops a wide array of tailor-made solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP platforms, based on the unique needs of customers. Customization services include design, development, testing, full documentation, and upgradeability to future releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Every solution is created to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, providing users with a rich and consistent experience while reducing the amount of time it takes for employees to adopt and adapt to any new technology.

Follow Through

Any new implementation requires some level of ramping up and Integrity Data understands how important it is to maintain efficiency. While many software consulting services might leave you with a product you don’t know how to use, Integrity Data is committed to making it a smooth and seamless transition. We offer a variety of opportunities such as remote training, educational webinars and product implementation services for both Partners and Customers.

Above all, we want to create a solution that will help you succeed. In fact, we adhere to a strict service guarantee that ensures our customization services will not only improve your software implementation experience, we will increase your ROI too.

Your organization deserves the best software solutions. Integrity Data has deep development knowledge and expertise with many years of experience creating unique solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Let us help you increase efficiency and decrease losses associated with costly workarounds.

Contact Integrity Data today to explore a customized solution for all your payroll and HR needs.

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