Generate Purchase Orders in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is embedded with various advanced functionalities, including Item Vendor Catalogue, which assists users to seamlessly generate PO’s.

By this functionality, users can understand how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can efficiently help sales teams to generate prompt and precise Purchase Orders (PO’s).

Dynamics NAV empowers users to generate PO’s in the following discussed ways:

Manual PO’s – Users can manually create POs through a smartly integrated user- friendly interface. The only limitation with this approach is, however, it takes longer time than desired. Moreover, the user feeding the information must need to be thorough with all the relevant and mandatory fields of the PO’s.

Automated PO’s – The automated capability of creating PO’s leverages the embedded Planning or Requisition worksheets. Basically, the system automatically generates the required PO’s, however, users need to make sure that all the relevant configurations are correctly executed.

The Item Vendor Catalogue is a unique and advanced feature that enables users to save time and efforts while manually generating the required PO’s. The functionality is capable of smartly configuring multiple vendors, for an identical item, within the Dynamics NAV which will assists users to quickly and accurately create PO’s.

Following illustrations makes it easier to understand the PO generation process through Item Vendor Catalogue in MS Dynamics NAV:

Access the ‘Vendor Card’ dashboard and go to ‘Navigate’ Tab and Click on the ‘Items’ option.

Start entering the respective ‘Item Numbers’ and ‘Vendor Item Numbers’. Users can also feed in the relevant information in the ‘Lead Time’ field.

All the information entered in the Item Vendor Catalogue will pass through the ‘Item Cross Reference’ table, as illustrated below.

Alternatively, users can configure the Item Vendor Catalogue from within the ‘Item Card’ option.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV even allows users to apply a look- up on ‘Cross Reference Number’ field, within the ‘Purchase Order Line’ while creating the PO. The look- up will filter the complete list, letting users to view only the vendor specific items that are to be supplied by the desired supplier. The capability ultimately saves the users’ time and effort in generating single or multiple PO’s while eliminates any need to feed in all the required information from the start.

To Sum up: Intelligently integrated Item Vendor Catalogue in Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides various ways to generate the PO’s. As illustrated above, users can easily identify, select, and execute the desired PO generation process, depending on their business requirements as well as their respective system configurations.

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  1. Good morning - I am a first time user in Microsoft Dynamic NAV. Can you provide detailed work instructions on entering POs?

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