A Review of the Top 3 Financial Wellness Programs in 2019 & Beyond

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A Review of the Top 3 Financial Wellness Programs in 2019 & BeyondDo your employees have access to the financial help they need? Over half of employees find dealing with personal finances stressful, and those who are struggling financially report significantly higher stress than other workers.

When you help your employees by offering a financial wellness program that provides financial education and assistance, everyone wins. You get better productivity and less distraction among your staff. Your employees get resources to reduce their financial struggles and put them back on the right track.

One place employers can struggle when it comes to providing financial wellness platforms is in knowing what to choose. To make it easier, here are the top three financial wellness programs available now.

1. GreenPath Financial Wellness

GreenPath is a national non-profit whose mission is to help people lead financially healthy lives. No matter what financial challenges your employees face, GreenPath can offer assistance. They have helped people through debt, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and more.

What They Offer

The GreenPath Employee Financial Wellness Program offers your employees access to a variety of services. They provide financial counseling, which gives your staff confidential one-on-one guidance as they manage their credit scores, develop a financial plan, budget, and eliminate debt.

Debt management is a big area of concern for many employees. GreenPath offers a variety of educational resources to help employees reduce 401(k) loan usage, manage school debt, and handle housing concerns.

Your employees can receive education from GreenPath in a variety of ways. Online education modules in the GreenPath Learning Lab cover topics from budgeting to buying a car. There are webinar workshops that you can co-brand and present to your staff.

Finally, Greenpath offers on-site events so that your employees can learn more about handling finances in an in-person environment, with the ability to ask questions and get more detailed information.

How to Work With GreenPath

Getting started with this organization is easy. They provide staff training, a plan to implement the program, and support from their Partner Relations team. You can make sure you’re meeting your company’s financial wellness goals using the reporting they provide and promoting participation with their marketing tools.

If you want to offer financial education, GreenPath is one of the top choices.

2. Enrich Financial Wellness

Another great option for employee financial wellness education is Enrich Financial Wellness. They work to educate people on the latest strategies for personal finance, health care, and retirement. With these tools and resources, your employees can make educated decisions at each step of their lives.

What They Offer

Enrich offers a variety of published research documents showing the importance of financial literacy education in the workplace. They also provide a list of best practices for your specific financial wellness platform.

They offer webinars you can cobrand so that financial literacy becomes an extension of your company. You can customize various features of the Enrich platform easily to turn specific modules on or off, or to publish custom videos to your company’s Enrich site.

Finally, your employees have the opportunity to talk to Certified Personal Finance Counselors® on the phone, so they can get high-quality financial advice from people they can trust.

How to Work With Enrich

To contact Enrich to set up a demo or find out how they can help make a difference in your organization, simply fill out the contact form on their website.

3. Integrity Data Financial Wellness

If you’re looking for an option that goes beyond education and offers concrete help for your employees, Integrity Data Financial Wellness is the program you need.

Integrity Data can help you set up a financial program that reduces stress, increases engagement, and boosts retention, simply by offering helpful partnerships that will allow your employees to get back on their feet.

What They Offer

As a holistic financial wellness program, Integrity Data goes beyond education and actually helps your employees get the money and flexibility they need. Of course, there are educational resources, but there are partnerships that go beyond learning alone.

A partnership with GotZoom allows your employees to find help with their student loans, from repayment assistance to forgiveness programs. With the average graduate owing over $35,000 in school loans, this can be a big relief.

By working with HooPayz, Integrity Data is able to work with your HR team to be an advocate for the health and well-being of your employees. This service helps reduce out-of-pocket costs and increases the understanding of health benefits.

Finally, a partnership with Best Money Moves allows Integrity Data to provide a mobile-first service that measures financial stress and offers personalized recommendations to reduce it. For employees that need to get control of their finances, this can be a lifesaver.

How to Work With Integrity Data

Setting up your company’s financial wellness platform is easy. Fill out the Contact Form on our website and we’ll be in touch quickly to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Integrity Data Financial Wellness infographic
Download our Financial Wellness Infographic here

Financial Wellness Matters — Get Started Today!

Whether you want to offer your employees co-branded educational resources or concrete financial help, there’s one thing for certain — you have to do something if you want your company to thrive. The cost of financial stress is far too much.

Build your company’s reputation for caring about employees, retain your staff more easily, and gain significant productivity by implementing a financial wellness program today!

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