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The true value of your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is realized only if you are using it to its full potential. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufacturing, you may be able to improve your processes while eliminating excess paper and unnecessary duplication of data.

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences has partnered with Willoware to help their clients get more from Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufacturing. The result has been the development of a paperless and mobile way to create Finished Goods (FG) against a Manufacturing Order (MO) that can decrement Raw Materials (RM) with on-the-fly automation of lot, expiration, and serial tracked inventory.

WilloWare has specialized in coding for an assortment of Dynamics GP applications. Their focus has been on providing tighter integration and additional functionality across the Dynamics GP core modules. They have recently perfected the automation of posting of receipts for finished goods and raw materials back through Dynamics GP with their Manufacturing Order (MO) Generator.

WithoutWire’s partnership with Willoware has supplied the key missing elements necessary for seamless mobile manufacturing integration with Dynamics GP.  Our solution automates the posting of manufacturing order receipts and nested or parent-child manufacturing order receipts, accurately, in real-time.

The WithoutWire/Willoware Dynamics GP for Manufacturing Solution Workflow allows you to:

  • Create your manufacturing order in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Release manufacturing orders to your WithoutWire warehouse management system
  • Verify that you have sufficient raw materials or initiate a pick to manufacturing.
  • From the hand-held wireless device: create finished goods via a license plate activation; create a ‘material issue transaction’ or back-flush raw materials against the manufacturing order
  • Write parent/child manufacturing order receipts in real-time back to Dynamics GP via Willoware
  • Replenish raw materials to manufacturing using our just-in-time system
  • Create more finished goods, back-flush raw materials and move/transfer to picking or overstock locations
  • Track scrap at the end of the process
  • Time/date stamp transactions, by user to assist in tracking labor costs
  • Close out the manufacturing order or leave it open until all production is accounted for
  • Drive your Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system
  • Achieve full traceability for recall and brand protection!

WithoutWire and the Willoware Manufacturing Order (MO) Generator allow you to track and measure discrete or process manufacturing production easily and efficiently. With scrap and labor tracking capability, the measure of daily yield can be closely monitored for accurate unit costing.

Finance managers can efficiently track lot, expiration, and serial numbers with automatic postings in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

IT managers appreciate having the choice of an on-premise or Microsoft Azure Cloud implementation.

Purchasing managers have a clear picture of the type and amount of materials on hand, on order, etc. to keep their Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) on track.

The production supervisor will have up-to-the minute, paperless data for just-in-time supplying of raw materials. The result is efficiency, transparency, flexibility and the ability to make timely and informed decisions, and better inventory control.

Executives will appreciate Microsoft Power BI embedded in our web console dashboard for end-to-end recall capability to protect their brand and corporate image.

There is something for everyone with the WithoutWire/Willoware Dynamics GP for Manufacturing Solution workflow.

To find out how you can use your Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufacturing solution to its full potential with WithoutWire/Willoware, contact our experts at WithoutWire Inventory Sciences today at 612-315-2122.

By Steve Dwyer

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences,

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