Get Ready for the Durable Goods Distributor Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Digital transformation is impacting every industry and rapidly changing the way business is done. Having the right business solutions and the right business processes is critical not only for supporting your business today but for fueling your business transformation in the days and years ahead. At Western Computer, we have leveraged our 30 years of industry and technology experience to create a portfolio of solutions designed to help you improve your business performance today and grow with you in the future.

Our newest solution is designed especially for durable goods distributors. The extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations will be available from Microsoft’s Appsource this summer, 2019.

Why we developed the Durable Goods Distributor Solution for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is extremely efficient at supporting inside and outside wholesale activities, but durable goods distributors require a bit more specialization to truly meet their unique needs. What happens when walk-in customers come to buy or pick up an order? The Durable Goods Distributor Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds retail capabilities at your wholesale counter and seamlessly links all your sales activities.

The new App from Western Computer can support a variety of scenarios, even allowing you to have the ability to start a sale in one mode and finish it in another.

As an example, a salesperson can enter information and instigate a preliminary sales order. That sales order with its unique sales number is attached to the customer’s record. The customer can then complete the order online or go to the retail store and complete the transaction.

This omni-channel solution will streamline multiple retail functions such as scanning and picking an item, fulfilling an order, and readying the item for shipping or pickup. The entire consistent sales process is efficient for the seller and easy for customers who are becoming increasingly used to one-click shopping at major retailers such as Amazon.


Some of the features of the new Durable Goods Distributor Solution for Dynamics 365:

  • Enhanced Item search:

You’ll be able to search orders anywhere along the sales pipeline using any one or a combination of identifiers such as item number, serial number, part number, vendor name, manufacturer’s number or even a general description of the item. The search will show up any and all information linked to that product and/or customer. There is no longer a need for a separate inventory screen.

  • Enhanced Serial Number search:

You can track items along the entire supply chain process and quickly have at hand validated serial numbers needed for warranties, safety and liability issues, and replacement parts.

  • Consolidated Customer Information:

The salesperson or customer service representative won’t have to access another system to gather information needed for order management (accounts receivable, credit info, bills, credit lines, etc.) or customer information (type of business, contacts that resided in old CRM, etc.).

  • Individual Items and Orders:

Our solution eliminates the need for complex and expensive third-party apps once needed for evaluation of profit margins by allowing you to set pre-determined rules about cost-cutting.

  • 365VendorRebates:

You’ll be able to track customer rebates and manufacturer rebates for distributors. Easily create sales campaigns to align with pass-throughs.  Managers will have the insight necessary to motivate salespersons based on discounts and expiration dates.

  • Extensions to Pricing:

Enhanced support for accounts receivables provides management with more insight into where they are making money. Optimized line-item analysis will ensure that discount rules do not result in revenue loss.

  • 365ParcelShip:

A valuable addition for distributors, we’ve added a new integrated view from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations warehousing module with rate shopping capabilities. This simplifies the process of parcel shipping with a multiple-vendor rate shopping engine, eliminating the need to track or contract with a third-party vendor.


The new Durable Goods Distributor solution by Western Computer will fill crucial gaps for distributors and will eliminate the need for multiple systems and screens when completing the entire sales process, either in the field or at the store. With all pertinent information under one roof, your workers will be more efficient and your customers more satisfied.

The Durable Goods Distributor Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be available soon from Western Computer

Contact us today and let’s talk about what it can do for your distribution business.

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