E-mailing W-2s, Paystubs Will Save Time in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll

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We’re in the first quarter of 2019, which started with tax time! Did you have a stack of W-2s that needed printing and envelopes that needed stuffing? Was your payroll department groaning? What if we told you there was a better way? Next year, save time in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll by e-mailing W-2s with Employee E-Mail Suite. And practice by using it to also e-mail paystubs all year long!

Fun Tax Season?

How many interns or administrative staff do you typically borrow from other departments during the month of January? They spend lots of time printing out W-2 statements, stuffing envelopes, stamping and mailing, and then distributing by the end of the month. Depending on the number of employees you employed in the previous year, it could take hours, days or even weeks to complete this important task – even with extra staff.

Have you ever calculated how much this all costs, in both time and materials? In addition to the additional labor needs, there are printing and mailing costs (and postage prices just increased in January 2019). Although every other US business is doing the exact same thing in January, is this the best time of year for an avoidable expense like this? There is a better way to complete this annual obligation and it will save both time and money.

Automate W-2 Delivery with Employee E-Mail Suite

You are obligated to provide employees with a W-2 statement in January each year, but you don’t have to provide it on paper! Deploy Employee E-Mail Suite and start securely e-mailing W-2s to employees. By cutting out the middle-man—the paper process—you can simply and efficiently e-mail these important documents. No more borrowing extra staff, no more stocking up on envelopes and stamps, and no more rushing to the post office to meet critical deadlines.

It works for other documents too!

Employee E-Mail Suite can also be used to submit direct-deposit earnings statements, 1095-C statements or other important documents. Employees can receive and view these documents from any electronic device, which is helpful for those that work away from the office.

In addition, the documents are sent in a password-protected PDF document. Only the employee has the password to open the document. Employee E-Mail Suite also includes an optional archiving process that stores documents in the event a re-issue is needed.

Automating this manual-intensive, paper-based task will save valuable time and money, which is a great way to start off the new year don’t you think? Watch the videos on our website to learn more about Employee E-Mail Suite. Then, contact Integrity Data for more information or to learn about our other Dynamics GP Payroll add-ons that will streamline your payroll department throughout the year.

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