50 Free Add-Ons and Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Did you know that there is a variety of free add-on products and tools designed to improve Microsoft Dynamics GP that are completely free? They can help you to save time, and be more productive in the system.

Many of them are produced by Microsoft. But others are created by talented, hardworking Microsoft Dynamics GP users and industry experts.

We have selected 50 of our favorite add-ons and tools for Dynamics GP for you to check out. They were created by: AzureCurve, David Musgrave, Dynamics Innovations, Fastpath, James Lyn, Jet Reports, Jivtesh Singh, Kevin Gross, Leslie Vail, Mahmood M. Alsaadi, Mariano Gomez, Mark Polino, Michael Johnson, Microsoft, Mr. Excel, Patrick Roth, Vaidy Mohan, Victoria Yudin, Viewpost, Willoware.

There is a summary below but for the complete list including a screenshot and a URL to get more information on each product download the full PDF.

Note: Of course, we recommend that you do your homework to make sure anything you install is safe for your system. And always do a backup first…just in case! Even better, check with your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner before making any changes.

50 Free Add-Ons and Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Section 1: System

  1. Color Settings: Control color settings per company in GP.
  2. Client Version Tracking: Identify and manage version information for every Dexterity based product installed on clients or server.
  3. GP Talk: Chat with other GP users with this messaging utility.
  4. Consulting Toolkit Free Tools: Free set of Dexterity based SQL Tools.
  5. Record Lock Trace: Identify the user who has a record locked. Now a feature in GP 2016R2.
  6. Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcut reference.
  7. Macro Command Reference: Identify Macro commands for troubleshooting or adjustments.
  8. ini Settings Reference: Identify Dex.ini settings to adjust GP behavior.
  9. GP Build Numbers and Versions: Get detailed build and version numbers for GP.
  10. SQL Server Performance Dashboard: Understand how your SQL Server is performing.
  11. Dynamics Performance Analyzer: Toolset for monitoring and analyzing Dynamics GP performance.

Section 2: Security

  1. Prevent multiple logins: Limit users to logging into 1 GP session at a time.
  2. Caps Lock Warning: Warn if caps lock is on during Dynamics GP login.
  3. Password Expiration Notification: SQL passwords can expire without warning, in the middle of session. Help prevent that for your users.
  4. GP Security Matrix: Excel-based matrix for designing GP security. Updated for GP 2016.
  5. Minimizing the use of ‘sa’: Tips to dramatically reduce ‘sa’ use within GP.
  6. Super User: Power Users don’t show in GP security reports. Create a Super User with specific access instead.
  7. Default GP Roles: See what tasks are really lurking in the default GP roles

Section 3: Integrations

  1. AutoDIM: Schedule Integration Manager based Integrations.
  2. Paste from Excel with Intercompany: Enhance GP’s paste from Excel functionality to include intercompany transactions.
  3. Data cleansing series from chart of accounts: Chart of Account Analysis “Unused Accounts.
  4. Inventory adjustment macro generator: Import inventory adjustments via GP macro.

Section 4: Financial

  1. Multicurrency Setup: Multicurrency setup reference.
  2. Exchange Rate Feed: Free, auto-updating exchange rates in GP.

Section 5: Purchasing

  1. Quick Attach: Quickly attach documents with fewer clicks.
  2. Batch Attach Payables Documents: Attach multiple AP documents to multiple vendors in one process.
  3. POP Over Receipt Tolerance: Over receive P.O. lines up to the set tolerance.
  4. PO Returns: Limit return quantity to the original sales quantity.
  5. Safe Pay Totals: Allows for absolute values in the Safe Pay file if required.

Section 6: Sales

  1. RM Auto Apply: Users can Mass Apply posted RM Credit Documents to posted RM Debit Documents using a range of Customer, Debit Document Dates, Credit Document Dates, and a Credit Document Type restrictions.
  2. Average Days to Pay: Calculates YTD & LTD Average Days to Pay for Customers.
  3. Shipment Notification: Allows drop ship sales orders to be transferred to invoice prior to invoicing the purchase order.
  4. SOP Sort Line Items: Allows the user to define custom sorting options to display line items in Sales Order Processing.
  5. SOP to POP Line Ordering Utility: This tool will reorder the line items of Purchase Orders generated by the SOP to POP transfer process to be in the same order as they originally were on the Sales Order document(s)
  6. Copy to new SOP Batch: Split/Copy transactions from one SOP batch to another.

Section 7: Cross Module

  1. Vendor/Customer Portal: Free cloud-based vendor/customer portal with free invoice submission.
  2. Auto-number customer/vendor/item: Auto number new customers, vendors, and items.

Section 8: Other Modules

  1. Manufacturing Data Inquiry: Helps monitor the growth of manufacturing transaction data and the health of the manufacturing transaction related data tables.
  2. Barcode Printing for Fixed Assets: Print barcodes for Fixed Assets.
  3. Detail Payroll Activity Tracking: Track employee changes made in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  4. Changer Scripts for Project Accounting: Change the Contract Number, Contract ID, Project Number, Project ID and Cost Category ID for Project Accounting.
  5. Project Accounting Account Worksheet: Template to understand Project Accounting accounts.

Section 9: Reporting

  1. Excel: Do more with GP data & Excel.
  2. Jet Express for Excel: Financial reporting for GP.
  3. Power BI: Business Intelligence for GP.
  4. Excel Based Table Reference: Excel-based reference with GP tables and fields.
  5. Online Table Reference: Online table/field reference.
  6. SmartList Quick Reference Guide: Quick, visual SmartList Guide.

Section 10: Available for a Small Fee

  1. GP Historical Reporting in Excel: AR HATB, AP HATB, HITB, Stock Status directly in Excel.
  2. GP Spell Check: Add Spell Check to any string field in GP, Including 3rd Party Software.

Where can you get these tools?

Download our PDF which gives the Name, Description, URL, Screenshot, Source, Category, Type and how to Access.

Here is a sample of the information provided for all 50 products:

  1. Color Settings

Control color settings per company in GP

Free Add-Ons for Dynamics GP

Source: Willoware

Category: ISV Solution

Type: Installer

Access: Form

Checking out all of those tools should keep you busy for a while. We are sure you will find some that you will love. Remember, it’s always a good idea to make a backup and check with your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner before making any changes. Then, have fun with these free tools!

Note: These tools were available last we checked, but we don’t make any promises or guarantees.

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By Marty Schorr, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner www.calszone.com

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