What’s the Total Cost of Microsoft Dynamics ERP?

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Are you in the market for a Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution? After doing your homework, you may be familiar with the many features available with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and how much easier a Microsoft solution will be for your team to learn. But, before you contact a Microsoft partner and set the purchase process in motion, maybe you'd like to know what the bottom-line cost will be.

That’s where we can help you. Here at the ERP Software Blog, we’ve developed a Quick Quote Wizard designed to provide you with a ballpark estimated of the software and installation costs as well as the ongoing expenses of owning Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Here’s how the Quick Quote Wizard works:

On the right side of every page of the ERP Software Blog, you’ll find an orange bar labeled: “Request an Instant Dynamics ERP Quote.” One click on that bar, and you’ll be taken to the Quick Quote Wizard form. Fill in some basic information about the size of your company and your ERP needs, add your email contact address, and the Wizard will do the rest. Within minutes you’ll receive a non-binding estimate that will help you decide if the total cost of Microsoft Dynamics will fit your budget.

Your instant, automated Quick Quote will outline software, maintenance, and estimated services costs for an entire project, for either Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The Microsoft Dynamics Online Quick Quote Tool is free and available immediately from erpsoftwareblog.com/quick-quote/. Whether you are looking to replace your legacy ERP system or dive into ERP for the first time, the quick quote tool can help you get started.

Get a Quick Quote instantly.

By ERP Software Blog Writer, erpsoftwareblog.com

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