Postage rates are increasing: another great reason to get started early on your 2018 ACA forms

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Postage rates are increasing: another great reason to get started early on your 2018 ACA forms

Are you an Applicable Large Employer that is required to comply with the Affordable Care Act? In addition to the benefits of getting your employee ACA reporting for the IRS (1095-Cs) done before the busy W-2 season begins, there is now another great reason to get started early on your year-end ACA activities: the US postal service has announced a postage rates increase effective January 27, 2019.

The cost of a standard stamp for US mail is going up from $0.50 to $0.55. This additional 5 cent cost may not be big bucks for many employers, but, it does add up. For example, if you have to distribute 4,000 forms to employees, this equates to $200.00. For budget-conscious employers, you can avoid this additional cost by getting your forms in the mail to employees prior to January 27th. So, despite the IRS extending the deadline to furnish ACA forms to employees from January 31, 2019 to March 4, 2019, it makes sense to distribute these forms early if at all possible.

Users of the Integrity Data ACA 1095-C distribution service can avoid the 5 cent postage rates increase as well. The cutoff date to ensure your forms are mailed to employees prior the January 27th rate increase is January 21st. Getting your forms sent to employees from within our ACA application is easy and doesn’t involve you licking and stuffing envelopes. This is true for our full-service ACA offering as well. If you’re not familiar with this offering where we do ACA compliance on your behalf, check out our website. Unless otherwise negotiated, all forms sent to employees on or after January 22, 2019 will be billed an additional $0.05 per form to cover the additional postage.

Based on our standard mail distribution pricing, Full-Service and Subscription-Based Customers will pay $2.80/form on or after January 22, 2019 and “Fulfill & File Only” customers will pay $3.30/form or after January 22, 2019. For any questions in this area, please contact

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