Insight Works Announces License Plating for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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As part of its ongoing software development for Dynamics 365 Business Central and additions to Microsoft AppSource, Insight Works has announced the availability of License Plating as a Business Central add-onand complement to Warehouse Insight. The License Plating add-on enables users to combine multiple warehouse items – including serial numbers and lot numbers – into one license plate number (LPN/master barcode) for simplified transaction management.

License Plating

Insight Works’ powerful WMS mobile warehouse data collection app has now been made even more intuitive by allowing warehouse managers the opportunity to easily track entire pallets, boxes or containers of mixed items including mixed/lot serial numbers.

“License Plating from Insight Works was designed to be used alongside the Warehouse Insight WMS solution to manage warehouse processes in manufacturing, distribution and retail company operations,” states Brian Neufeld, Insight Works’ Director of Marketing. “Now, users can overcome supply chain challenges, speed up warehouse and shop floor transactions, reduce errors, distinguish each product carton or item with a unique license plate number in a warehouse setting, identify goods in transactions such as receiving and moving, reduce the number of scans necessary to enter a transaction and more.”

“Put simply, License Plating allows for efficient transactions which increase overall warehouse operation efficiency, providing the item, lot, quantity and location and ultimately eliminating the worry of incorrect data being scanned.”

Through this license plate management application, products and transactions can be sent to “staging areas” within distribution systems in one action, with reduced barcode scans equating to increased worker productivity, improved inventory accuracy due to less opportunity for errors and faster transactions.

“Moving product through a warehouse requires a plethora of scanning, but through the magic of License Plating from Insight Works, product can be moved through with less scanning while helping to address errors related to manual input and data integrity,” adds Neufeld.

Supported editions and countries for Insight Works’ License Plating add-on include Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential and Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States, respectively.

Warehouse Insight is itself an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that provides warehouse and production employees with full access to Dynamics 365 Business Central via barcode scanners and handheld computers.

About Insight Works

Insight Works offers a comprehensive range of solutions to guide professionals through any ERP application needs, developing long-term relationships with clients through a “value-to-the-customer-first” philosophy at all points of any interaction or implementation. The company works closely with stakeholders to ensure they understand what industry pacesetters are doing, how they can adopt tailored best practices and how they can maximize their ROI and growth with the Microsoft technologies they employ.

Insight Works also offers a range of add-on modules such as Time Collection, Warehouse Mobile Solutions, Point of Sale, Inventory Count, Shipping and Scheduling as well as webinars, live events and written articles to educate users and enhance their returns within the supply chain.

Insight Works’ offices are located within Canada and the Netherlands. For more information call (866) 440-7543 or visit

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