What’s Causing Distributors’ E-Commerce Challenges [Infographic]

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Throughout the supply chain, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers alike are feeling the pressure of increased competition. E-commerce is forcing B2B organizations to level up and take a more sophisticated approach to sales: one that incorporates both offline and online channels – and does it well.

So far, it’s a tight race.

How Distributors Are Handling the Competition

For distributors in particular, the threat of competition is coming from all sides. Our recent research tells us that about 40% of distributors feel competitive pressure against manufacturers and wholesalers rising as a result of digitization. Meanwhile, nearly 50% feel more pressure to compete against other distributors.

Using our latest 2018-19 data, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about distributor’s successes and e-commerce challenges in the race to digital transformation. We address the opportunity available to those distributors who succeed, and dive into the factors that are causing many distributors to remain stunted in their e-commerce maturity.

Below is a snippet of a handy infographic we’ve designed to help make sense of the marketplace e-commerce challenges and identify opportunities for improvement:

distributor e-commerce challenges infographic

View the full infographic here for free.

Tackling Distribution E-Commerce Challenges in 2019

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of D2C sales and e-commerce for all players across the supply chain, check out our recent blog post. For a more holistic look at B2B businesses within the supply chain and their approach to digital in 2019, download our research report.

cta e-commerce challenges 2019

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