Writing Plug-ins in Azure Functions for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Plug-ins, Webhooks in Azure Functions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0+

Microsoft has launched many new features with updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365, but one key feature of Dynamics 365 has remained: plug-ins. If you aren’t familiar with this powerful tool used for extending the application, a plug-in is a custom business logic triggered by registered events in the Dynamics 365 pipeline. For example, a custom plug-in would fire to execute an augmented logic whenever a new account is created in Dynamics 365.

Developers depend on plug-ins to execute processes within Dynamics 365, but plug-ins aren’t without limits. When configurable webhooks launched with the latest Dynamics 365 release, it became possible to configure a webhook—similar to a plug-in—to execute in an Azure function.

Webhooks vs. plug-ins

If you’ve always used plug-ins up until now, you are probably wondering why you should opt to use webhooks. Here are two scenarios:

  1. You run into sandbox plug-in limitations with Dynamics 365 online like:
    • Timeouts
    • Partial trust environments
    • HTTP/HTTPS protocols
    • DNS-only network access
    • Forced ILMerge
    • Limited resource usage capabilities
  2. Additional complications result from keeping integration logic out of the code base or existing .NET assemblies (to facilitate integration with an external system) don’t work in a partial trust environment—even with ILMerge.

How do you write a plug-in using a webhook?

Writing and deploying a plug-in using a webhook in Azure Functions is a simple process. Let’s review an example…

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where we will walk you through writing a plug-in in Azure Functions.


Still unsure about these concepts?

Read these articles to better familiarize yourself with Dynamics 365 plugins and using webhooks in the Dynamics 365 9.0 release.

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