Got Gaps in Dynamics GP Payroll? Here's How to Fix Them

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Got Gaps in Dynamics GP Payroll? Here’s How to Fix ThemRight out-of-the-box, Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll offers powerful features and functionality. However, not all businesses have simple payroll processes. Over time, you may experience gaps in Dynamics GP Payroll—and we know how you can fix them.

Simple Problems Can Have Simple Fixes

When it comes to payroll, simple mistakes don’t often have simple fixes. Even the most mundane of payroll errors can take a myriad of steps to correct. Multiply these mistakes by many employees and you could easily lose an afternoon fixing payroll mistakes! Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are three common payroll mistakes and a solution to correct them.

1. Calculating rate changes: Employees don’t often keep the same pay rate for the duration of their employment. Making a rate change should be easy, but it isn’t – especially when you make a change in the middle of a pay period. Making manual calculations is not only time consuming, but it’s prone to errors. Waiting for the next payroll run isn’t always appropriate either.

     The solution: Simply make the rate change and enter the date, then let Mid Pay Period Rate Changes do the rest. Once you enter the pay rate change, the information is stored until the next payroll run. At that time, the financial change is automatically calculated, updated and processed. Employees will see two line items on the earnings statement indicating the old pay rate and hours on one line with the new pay rate and hours on another.

2. Uncontrolled overtime: Keeping tabs on overtime is another common headache in the payroll department. Uncontrolled overtime can increase payroll more than you may think. Yet setting limitations isn’t easy either. Manual calculations and complying with FLSA or other state requirements only add to the burden.

     The solution: Establish your overtime rules and automate tracking with Overtime Hours Rules. Simply create the overtime rules by employee, department or position. Then, manage them by day, week, pay period or any combination of those options. Overtime is then automatically calculated with no extra steps for your payroll team. Better yet, you can establish overtime hours rules that follow FLSA and state requirements, such as the California 7th day rule. Eliminate hours of time-off tracking and calculating overtime by automating it with Overtime Hours Rules.

3. Typos, miscalculations and other basic payroll errors: It happens, everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, a simply payroll mistake can take upwards of 17 steps to correct. That’s not only frustrating, it’s time-consuming and time isn’t a luxury that’s always available in the payroll department.

The solution: Fix simple mistakes with a simple solution. Negative Payroll Transactions will make any payroll correction or adjustment in just one step. Simply enter a negative pay code transaction and this solution will carry the correction throughout the entire payroll process, including posting on all the core payroll reports. It really is that easy.

Fix Payroll Gaps with Simple, Affordable Add-On Solutions

While Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll is a powerful payroll system, you may still experience gaps. Bridge the gaps by deploying add-on solutions like Mid Pay Period Rate Changes, Overtime Hours Rules, or Negative Payroll Transactions.

Do you have other gaps? Are you #PayrollAndAfraid? Not a problem! We have other solutions. Contact Integrity Data for guidance with identifying your payroll gaps and choosing the available technology that can correct those common payroll challenges.

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