Cloud Makes Integrated PSA Available to Small and Mid-sized Businesses

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Cloud technology is truly changing the face of modern business. Powerful tools once available only to larger businesses with hefty budgets are no longer a requirement for business competition. Businesses of all sizes now have options, and some of the options that work with the cloud are truly game-changers.

Let’s look at the field of PSA (Professional Services Automation). In the past, small and mid-sized businesses have had to rely on disparate software systems to manage their business processes, e.g., collaboration, project management, resource planning, customer management, etc. Having different systems to manage different aspects of a business meant, at best, lots of admin work, duplicate manual entry, and spreadsheets galore, and at worst, error and inefficiency. All this extra work can be done away with if systems integrate and communicate with one another, and especially if they do it through a reliable and secure Cloud.

Legacy software systems that provide PSA solutions may offer strong functionality, but they can be expensive and demand the outlay of capital up-front. Also, they were developed in the pre-Cloud era using older code. Bringing them up to date through configuration or customization will be costly, as will the need to make them mobile-friendly for remote access. Maintenance and support will also affect the budget. More and more, these legacy systems are being passed over in favor of more modern Cloud-enabled systems.

Modern “true cloud” solutions are those that are designed right from the start to operate through the Cloud. Many legacy system providers may offer their systems adapted for the cloud, hosted in a dedicated cloud, and billed monthly as software-as-a-service. But ”true cloud” solutions leverage modern cloud architecture to be faster and easier to deploy, configure, and integrate.

If you are evaluating PSA for your business, you’ll want to ask some pertinent questions about the software system you’re looking at:

Is it scalable?

Many software solutions are unable to scale to accommodate added functionality, increased user count, or fluctuating levels of data. This could be troublesome for a business that is hoping to expand.

Is it Cloud-native?

Some of the legacy software solutions have “cloud” versions, but they weren’t originally designed for the cloud. Usually, they come as an extra-expense add-on feature hosted in a dedicated, private cloud.

Does it have end-to-end capability?

Many PSA tools claim to offer all the business functionality you need in a single platform, but usually, you will have to customize to allow your current systems to integrate with one another.

How well will it integrate?

With modern software, integration is significantly simpler than with legacy software, but you need to ask questions and find out how your systems will integrate.

What about visibility and Insight?

The whole point of PSA is to help you run your business more efficiently and set yourself up for growth. The benefit of an actual end-to-end system is twofold – you get more efficient processes plus the accumulation of data needed for insightful decision-making.

Progressus, by Velosio, is next-generation Professional Services Automation (PSA) and ERP software, mobile-enabled and architected for the Microsoft Cloud.

With almost 80% of a professional services firms' cost structure predicated on people, Progressus PSA was developed to address the best utilization of personnel. Because it is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it will also optimize core financials and integrate sales and marketing functions—all critical elements that provide insight and visibility across the entire professional services lifecycle.

Cloud professional services automation for small and mid-sized businesses.

Progressus Professional Services Automation software provides the capabilities needed to manage all processes, including resource management, project management, sales and marketing, and financial management, of professional services and project-based businesses, delivering a complete cloud PSA solution. Firms of any size, operating in any geography, are empowered with role-based clients optimized for any browser or mobile device.

Progressus enables small and mid-sized Professional Service firms to compete in today's market. You can learn more about the advantages of Progressus by talking to our experts at Velosio. Contact us today and ask for a product demonstration.

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