A Path to Intelligent Cloud – Learn about Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intelligent Edge

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It’s no secret Microsoft has invested billions in research and development on cloud computing and applications – all part of its cloud-first strategy. Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure are ubiquitous across Microsoft’s messaging.

Until recently, however, there was little talk of augmenting on-premise solutions with the power of the cloud. This was especially troubling for Dynamics GP users, who feel deep loyalty to the product, because let’s face it, GP is one of the most powerful, proven accounting solutions available.

Luckily, recent announcements have shown that Microsoft is still committed to on-premise solutions and investment in products like GP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. At the recent Directions North America conference in San Diego, Microsoft shared details about its latest release that allows users of on-premise Dynamics solutions to take advantage of cloud-based applications: Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud.

This announcement coincides with the release of Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise and Dynamics GP 2018 R2, and they are the first Dynamics applications that will be compatible with Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud.

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What are Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud?

Intelligent Edge allows on-premise Dynamics solutions to synchronize and replicate their data with the Intelligent Cloud, which is actually an instance of Dynamics 365 Business Central hosted in Azure. When users connect their data to the Intelligent Cloud, they gain access to applications such as Power BI, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and machine learning capabilities that help them make business decisions with deep insights and actionable recommendations powered by Azure’s common data model.

Why should I connect my GP data to Business Central with these tools?

By connecting GP to Business Central, you gain pre-built, easily accessible indicators of business performance that are only available in the cloud. For example, the Intelligent Cloud Insights dashboard displays KPIs such as cash available, sales profitability, net income and inventory value based on data pulled from GP. Meanwhile, GP data pulled into Power BI lets you see information like a chart of accounts analysis, customer sales dashboards, general ledger reports and more. You can drill down into all of this data for more detail.

Beyond access to cloud applications, Intelligent Cloud also lets you access the GP data you connect to Business Central from mobile devices anytime, anywhere, thanks to the Dynamics 365 platform’s mobile capabilities. So not only do you gain deeper insights and better decision making enabled by the cloud, you can also take advantage of these features in the field.

I’m interested in Intelligent Edge for Dynamics GP. What should I do next?

Turnkey Technologies is closely monitoring information on Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud and will provide services for connecting on-premise Dynamics GP data to Business Central in the cloud. To that end, we are offering a Dynamics 365 Business Central Fit/Gap Analysis to Dynamics GP Users. During this 2-4 hour discovery session, your team can meet us to discuss your specific goals and requirements, and enable you to further evaluate ways to augment Dynamics GP.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Connecting to the Intelligent Cloud


By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Gold Microsoft Dynamics Partner based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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