Should You Attend AXUG or D365UG for Summit Phoenix?

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Microsoft Dynamics AX is now Microsoft Dynamics 365. So if you plan to attend User Group Summit Phoenix this year should you attend the AX User Group Summit or the new Dynamics 365 User Group Summit?

The good news is that you don’t need to choose one of the other. Both take place at the same time in the same location - October 15-18, 2018, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ.

When you register for one Summit, you automatically have access to attend any other Summit. Even the CRM user group events. This is a big plus for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users too, now that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Janet Lampert, President and COO of Dynamic Communities says on the D365UG event home page, “We are excited to launch D365UG Summit in Phoenix aimed to provide even more Dynamics 365 content to equip users, and those considering upgrading to Dynamics 365, the education they need to make better business decisions.”

The event description says, “As exciting transformation takes place in the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Intelligent Business Cloud, partners and end-users have never been more eager to expand their knowledge and discover tools and solutions essential for powering growth and success. Summit continues to revolutionize the way members of the ecosystem learn and engage through idea exchange, interactive sessions and authentic networking opportunities.

But what does that mean for users?

For example, if you are using Dynamics AX and still have areas of interest or pain points within your current version, you could register to attend AXUG Summit. But since you are still likely considering upgrading to Dynamics 365 at some point, you can attend any of those D365UG sessions too to find out what features are available and what the upgrade path looks like.

Basically it’s kind of like getting the best of both worlds. You can attend sessions across any Summit conference, you don’t need to fill limited to the user group name on your conference badge.

A fun message Dynamic Communities has used in the past to highlight the breadth of focus at Summit is: “With all the user groups under one roof for one week a year, there aren’t many corners of the Dynamics product we don’t celebrate, innovate, and iterate on.”

So should you attend AXUG or D365UG? The answer is, attend them both! Just register for Summit Phoenix soon and start building your session schedule.

User Group Summit Events: October 15-18, 2018, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ

AXUG Summit:

CRMUG Summit:

D365UG Summit:


GPUG Summit:

Power Summit:

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