Does your Payroll team survive paycheck-to-paycheck?

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Does your Payroll team survive paycheck-to-paycheck? Or are they payroll and afraid?Tight budgets, retention issues, increasing compliance requirements, and a very tight labor market are among many factors putting additional burdens and pressures on payroll professionals who may already be feeling maxed out. This unnecessarily puts your payroll department into a realm where they are truly “Payroll and Afraid.”

For example, you’ve heard the term “living paycheck to paycheck.” This phrase usually refers to employees trying to manage their finances between paychecks. But what about the men and women who produce those paychecks in every organization? In many cases, they are trying to keep up with all the employee related tasks between pay runs…..also trying to survive paycheck to paycheck – just in a different way.

I could continue to go on and on about the fears and risks associated with payroll, but I’d rather tell you how Integrity Data has been helping employers face and eliminate some of their fears for over 20 years. Payroll professionals appreciate a team that understands what they deal with on a daily basis. We can automate emailing earning statements, take manual compliance tracking right out of your hands and automate it, reducing the amount of hours they have to spend on payroll time and corrections.

For example, the customer I was talking with a few weeks ago…. spending six hours per pay period printing, stuffing and mailing earnings statements for few hundred employees (I expressed my own displeasure for doing this once per year when we send Christmas cards!). You can imagine the joy, not to mention the ROI, when I talked to her about getting those 6 hours back every pay period by letting the system e-mail those earnings statements to employees in just a few minutes!!

Just the other day, another customer was telling me there are three people in his department and they just can’t keep up with compliance. They’re not only dealing with the Affordable Care Act, Payroll and Afraidbut the other compliance requirements, employee relations, benefits, etc. It’s a lot. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. He currently owns our ACA Compliance Solution, but our new ACA Full Service offering piqued his interest – this alone could alleviate some of the stress his team has been undergoing. Using this service is a way to manage their ACA requirements without consuming so much of their time.

Our goal at Integrity Data, just as it always has been, is to make sure you’re on the right path to success…to be Payroll and NOT Afraid.

The Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) Summit, coming up in a few weeks, is an event where Dynamics GP users can find answers to many of their questions including payroll. Integrity Data will be there – ready to help as always.

I encourage you to take a minute, visit and tell us if you’ll be the conference (you can help me reach Summit whether or not you’re attending). As bonus, if you fill out the form, you’ll be entered to win one of our Payroll Survival Kits. You can also follow us on social media to keep up with my Payroll and Afraid journey.

I hope to see you at Summit! If you won’t be there, drop a line anyway. Let’s talk about your Payroll fears and together, make a change for the better. Don't be Payroll and Afraid.

Dan Doolin, Senior Account Executive

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  1. Dealing with payroll is really quite a challenge.However, companies now have a lot of options that they can consider if the current system that they're using is no longer effective.

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