Parcel for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

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What is Parcel for D365 Finance and operations?

The Parcel for D365 FO is a multi-carrier shipping management system that supports complex, high-volume, multiple locations, and international and domestic shipping. Parcel is used by thousands of companies every day, including large omni-channel retailers and global manufacturers to automate mission-critical processes for parcel and LTL shipping. Parcel for Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations merges all of Parcel's core functionality directly into D365FO, from the quotation and sales order process through to shipping, manifesting, invoicing and freight charge reconciliation.

Why parcel for D365 FO?

Parcel for D365 FO gives you quick access to shipping information right from the D365FO sales order creation screens. It consolidates shipping within the sales order header and provides you with special delivery options such as Certified Mail, Adult Signature required and more. It allows users to create and post accrual vouchers, packing slips, shipping labels, and shipping Documents. Parcel for D365FO produces documents such as the Bill of Lading (BOL), Certificate of Origin (COO), Commercial Invoice (CI), US NAFTA Agreement, Shipper's letter of instruction for International Shipments. It produces AES filling requests to US Census Bureau Portal (ACE) within your shipping process in a matter of seconds. It retrieves and stores ITN numbers. It prints ITN numbers on individual package shipping Labels. Parcel for D365FO allows you to select different rates for different types of shipments, i.e. LTL, Parcel, Ground, and Air. It can also give you rates for multiple boxes instead of rates for total weight.

What are the advantages of Parcel for D365 FO?

  • Minimize the risk of international shipments with global trade compliance features
  • Accelerates fulfillment by producing packing slips and carrier’s labels in one seamless workflow
  • Saves labor cost by capturing and validating serial numbers
  • Reduce cost of global supply chain with international origin shipping within one centralized solution
  • Gives ability to quote an accurate shipping cost at order entry or during the customer’s website experience
  • Maintain control and visibility of shipments as they move throughout your global supply chain
  • Enforce corporate shipping policies and rates across multiple locations
  • Streamline workflow by integrating shipping solution with existing material handling systems and host application

To learn more, you can visit our site or you can watch our “Parcel and LTL shipping made easy for D365FO webinar video” to know just how much time and money you can save on managing your shipping directly from Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

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