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Being responsible for payroll runs can sometimes seem like a thankless, confusing and otherwise overwhelming task, depending on how large the company, but Insight Works is simplifying that process with Canadian Payroll for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Easy to set up and use, this complete Canadian payroll solution helps you pay and manage both hourly and salary-based employees.

To begin with, the Payroll Setup Wizard makes getting started with Canadian Payroll a cinch: Simply answer a few questions, choose from default pay codes and select from standard deductions – or, if you prefer, create your own pay codes and deductions. Within Microsoft Dynamics, each employee is granted their own record containing their own specific payroll information, which includes whether they’re paid hourly or as a salary, pay frequency, pay rates, benefit expenses and other variables.

Clicking “Calculate Gross Pay” generates the gross pay for each employee in the payroll run, with manual adjustments being simple to make if needed, and the “Calculate Taxes” button calculates all the payroll deductions, including federal, EI, CPP, benefits, pension plans and more. Meanwhile, the bank account balance used for payroll runs is displayed at the bottom of the screen for quick and easy reference.

Before finalizing the pay run, information can be verified by generating a standard Payroll Register Report.

Quebec payroll is also full supported.

This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Canadian Payroll is capable of. Insight Works is going to make you think differently about payroll.

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