How Different Approval Types Within Your Timesheet Can Save Time for Your Project-Based Business

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Once seen as a new trend, a matrix-based structure has now become the standard in many project-based businesses. However, while allowing more flexibility and agility, the different dimensions of management found in this organizational structure may not be accurately represented with the basic approval capabilities of timesheets.

If an employee answers to more than one manager, for example, who should have the final say? Various managers need to review and approve different lines in the timesheets, which can cause errors as they may not be aware of all project details. These adjustments cause delays that slow down the invoicing process, as project managers only see these issues late in the process.

A timesheet with dual approval capabilities can help project-based businesses overcome these challenges. Projects are then delivered in a timely manner, and employees’ time is reflected accurately in their client invoices.


The Difference Between Approval by Employee vs Approval by Project

Approval by Employee

For organizations with a hierarchical structure, an approval process by resource is usually sufficient as managers only need to approve the timesheet in its entirety. Since only one person will be reviewing and approving the timesheet, most coding errors and delays are avoided as this person will be familiar with all timesheet details.

Approval by Project

For project-based or matrix-based businesses, the various project lines in the resource’s timesheet may have to be approved by different managers. For example, the same employee may be working on different client projects or internal projects that are supervised by different managers, who require oversight on their respective project lines in the timesheet. Multiple approval capabilities reflect this reality and allow you to better manage your projects and business.


How Your Firm Can Benefit from Dual Approval

The different managers will be able to review and approve the project lines that fall under their responsibility. With an integration to financials and projects, the timesheet application also offers keener insights and visibility into projects, directly from the resource’s timesheet. Employees can code their time and expenses directly to the appropriate project lines, and can also modify their estimated time to complete. As such, managers enjoy a much more accurate view of project progress and the effort needed to complete various tasks.

How It Helps Project Managers

Project managers will have better visibility and control over their respective areas of the project, while the various approvals can be done in parallel within the same application. This ensures that project details are accurate and obtained quickly, reducing delays and accelerating the invoicing cycle.

How It Helps Direct Managers

Direct managers don’t need to spend time reviewing project information to ensure that it’s correct. They can also review project managers’ notes and corrections, allowing direct managers to focus on the overall timesheet rather than getting bogged down in project details.

How It Helps Administration

The administrative team will have access to accurate project information faster, and fewer corrections and adjustments to make. This will facilitate their tasks and speed up the invoicing process, as they will have all the information that they need readily available.


This is why advanced approval capabilities, allowing approval by project rather than only by resource, can help you better manage your approval process within a matrix- or project-based structure. Integrated to your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution and project cost control module, a timesheet offering advanced functionalities such as TEDI.5 by JOVACO offers a new dimension of project visibility and increases the efficiency of your internal processes.

By JOVACO Solutions, a timesheet application developer for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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