How Dynamics NAV Scales for Property Management

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How many different apps do you use to run your property management business?  Do you spend all day doing double data entry? How much business have you lost due to time wasted?

Using out-of-date or manual methods to run your business may lead to problems such as:

  • Data spread across a spreadsheet-based system becomes too cumbersome to manage.
  • Manual data entry, from multiple sources into spreadsheets-based systems increases the risk of errors and data security issues.
  • Paper-based systems restrict the ease of information sharing and collaboration hindering growth.


With these constraints, effective property management using spreadsheets and/or paper-based processes alone, isn't possible.


However, in the rush to be part of the accelerating digital disruption, many businesses choose software with little regard for ease of integration. They choose software solutions without asking:

  • Will the chosen software solution integrate with the software already in use?
  • Will it require a complete overhaul of current systems?
  • If my needs change, will it grow with me?


In property management, with so much to do across departments, using disparate apps or software solutions that do not integrate will lead to inefficient business processes.


The solution that many property managers have found success with, is to use a software that manages all these operations, within one dashboard.


From tenant screening and marketing to lease management, CAM accounting and building maintenance, the use of one app to manage all processes eliminates the problems of double data entry or software integration challenges.


The system we recommend for property managers is industry leader Soft4RealEstate built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. And here is why:


A 360 View 

It is essential that your business has a holistic view of the entire customer journey, and Dynamics NAV provides just that.

In NAV, department heads across business functions can collaborate and work with the same data, allowing accuracy and consistency with each tenant.

Managing client data and lease contracts using Dynamics NAV makes accounting easier and more streamlined.  A snapshot of the tenant’s full history can be shared quickly, allowing departments take advantage of opportunities.


A Scalable Solution

In an effort to reduce expenses, do you find your business using software that isn’t really fit-for-purpose?

With NAV, you don't have to do that; your NAV partner will tailor the functionality in line with your processes. Furthermore, Dynamics NAV can be expanded with add-on modules, making it a more robust solution, one that can handle the needs of your growing organization


Intelligent Customer Management

Having an agile sales team is crucial to the success of a property management business.

And by using a structured approach, you can manage potential tenants and track their customer journey.


Track and Store Documents 

Being able to track and archive lease (and other document) history is an important feature for property managers. Having quick access to the right document and making it available to all stakeholders, saves time and eliminates miscommunication.


Empower Your Property Management Business

At Admiral Consulting Group, we know how important it is to get a snapshot of what is going on in your business at any given moment. That’s why we recommend Soft4RealEstate and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide you with detailed analytics for improved decision-making.


For more information about how Soft4RealEstate powered by Microsoft NAV, can save money and reduce costs for your property management business, contact us here. We can discuss your requirements and/or arrange a demo to show how Microsoft Dynamics Soft4RealEstate can help you drive results like never before.

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