Done with QuickBooks? Microsoft Dynamics GP Is the Next Step.

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Growth and Change

Many small businesses start out with QuickBooks, but as they grow and change, so do their accounting software requirements. How can you know when it’s time to move up from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP? Here are three signs that your business is ready for the next step:


The basic version of QuickBooks offers the accounting features that most small businesses need. However, it is designed for users with limited accounting and financial needs and doesn’t offer the level of accounting processes, reporting, and data handling you’ll find with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) solution.  Your team is probably already familiar with and is using other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook. The familiar Microsoft interface will be easy for your team to access and use. You’ll save time and resources by using Microsoft Dynamics GP to consolidate your accounting information.


If QuickBooks isn’t keeping up with your needs, it's time to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP


Size limitations

Because QuickBooks isn't designed for larger business operations, it lacks certain features. For instance, it doesn't provide for key reports beyond accounting and it doesn’t support professional-level business processes. Important also is the fact that QuickBooks has a reputation for crashing if your files get too big. Dynamics GP is specifically configured to handle the larger files routinely generated by growing organizations.


If your files are getting too big for QuickBooks, it's time to upgrade to Dynamics GP


Because QuickBooks cannot provide all the functionality your growing business needs, you will have to invest in other solutions to make up the slack.  It’s unlikely that QuickBooks will integrate with those other solutions and that will mean costly customizations and a sharp learning curve to bring all of your processes and team members to the same page.


If you are looking for an end to end solution for time, payroll, and human resources then you will need to find a solution that has a complete end to end options. One of the highest ROI projects any business can undertake is integrating payroll data into their accounting programs. When you have the right solution, payroll and accounting clerks can save several hours each week.


If QuickBooks can’t handle all of your business processes, it’s time to upgrade to Dynamics GP


It really is not fair to try to compare Dynamics GP with QuickBooks, since Dynamics GP is much more comprehensive and designed for scalability and QuickBooks is not. You really can’t go wrong with Dynamics GP.


Microsoft Dynamics GP software reduces time lost in program navigation, features more components than QuickBooks, and handles the demands of your growing business. To learn more about moving up to Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact our experts at Custom Information Services.


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