4 Key Ways a WMS Helps Your Business

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New e-book from Appware Solutions highlights effective ways to fill painful gaps in your Supply Chain

Honeywell and WithoutWire have teamed up to provide insights into key ways a WMS Inventory Management system can address must-haves to drive business efficiency.

As Inventory Management grows in value and relevance it is important that you keep pace with your competition.  Paper-based tracking of inventory is becoming a thing of the past.  Find out how these four key ways can improve your supply chain … and your bottom line.

1. Data Analytics

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) through Microsoft Power BI embedded into the dashboard for real-time business decisions.

2. Task Management Systems

“A shocking amount of capital is tied up in inventory.  Inventory along with accounts receivable and accounts payable has tied up $1.1 trillion in cash – equivalent to 7% of the U.S. GDP.”

3. Cloud Services, iOT, M2M Technology

Fully integrating the latest technology and tools in a Cloud service makes dollars and a lot of sense.  Now easier to implement than ever before!

4. Real-time Inventory with security enabled Global, Regional and Local views

“The value of inventory tracking isn’t just in dollars and cents.  Using barcodes on medication reduced errors in administration by 51.5% at an academic medical center”

Bundle and save with Honeywell and WithoutWire.  Verticals include:  Cannabis, Wine and Spirts, Food and Beverage, Medical and Bio-Pharma, Field Service Inventory Management, Discreet and Process Manufacturing.

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Steve Dwyer

VP Sales and Marketing



WithoutWire Inventory Sciences


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