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Wealth management companies: Benefits to move up from Microsoft Excel and using integrated software


I have worked in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ecosystem from the beginning of time, well rather, close to when Microsoft acquired a company called Navision A/S in Denmark back in 2002. What I keep seeing over and over again is companies using Microsoft Excel to manage a myriad of complex financial breakdowns and internal business info, and I’m not sure that makes sense in this day and age.


My observation spans many industries too. Shipping, food/beverage, and financial services… My blog post today is focused on the wealth industry. If you are a family office, private bank, hedge fund, alternative fund/investment management company, or a fintech company, I encourage you to take a minute and read this.


We are introducing an integrated financial software solution which will simply make your business processes more streamlined and give you access to rich business info when you need it to make key decisions. Bottomline is you will have a structured set of data the facilitates the reporting process and analysis activity.


I highlighted integration up top. Another problem I’ve noticed in my journey is that most companies have a multitude of silos. Different systems that don’t talk to each other. For example, a separate accounting system, a system to calculate or retrieve prices, some reporting stuff in Excel, a system to manage clients, another system to do valuations, and the list goes on.


According to an article written in Business Reporter (UK): The real benefit may only be realized when technology is integrated; removing the effort of re-keying data and reducing the risk of human error. Integrating several products will generate time efficiency and cost savings. Automate the tasks that only have one answer; posting data, reconciling transactions and updating connected systems.


Did you know that there is a best of breed Microsoft finance/ERP system available with wealth and loan management modules, which is integrated across departments of course, that happens to be the most used mid-market finance/ERP solution in the world?


ERP software Elysys


It is also completely integrated to Microsoft Excel, Office 365, and Power BI, allowing you to view, pivot, slice and dice your data any way you want! With a variety of deployment options available, it’s even easier to secure your data.


Sure, Excel is great, but why not use a rich best of breed ERP solution that will allow you to do things in a more intelligent way? We can also supply you with advanced business intelligence add-ons designed specifically to run complex calculations like time-weighted returns.

A little bit about us


Based in Montreal, Canada, Vokeso is a leading provider of financial management solutions. We have been doing this for close to 20 years and we can demonstrate that there is added value and time/cost savings to be had!


In terms of customers, we have many family offices, hedge funds, and alternative investment companies using this solution in Switzerland, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Montreal and many places around the globe.


Now is the time! The transition to a solution like ours has never been easier. If you fit the bill, we can conduct a discovery call to show you where the value is and provide you with a demo.


Contact me to schedule a discovery call or a personalized demo:

Kal Hamid

VP Business Development



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