Top five emerging trends in the car leasing market

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Car leasing market trends

The market for car leasing is changing rapidly. Standard solutions no longer meet customers’ demands, because flexibility is the new magic word. And the electric car is unstoppable. Below is an outline of the five main trends in the car leasing market.

1. From fixed to flexible

More and more companies are offering their employees a mobility solution instead of a fixed-lease car. This mobility solution means that an employee gets a fixed allowance per month for mobility, for example €800. With this, the employee can arrange his or her own transportation by buying a car, leasing a car, taking public transit, or using a folding bike, for example. Combinations are also possible.

2. From brand to class

The picky customer who only wants that one brand, one type, and one color is on the rise. However, SMEs and solicitors are now choosing one more rational grounds. A car must be clean, economical, not too expensive, safe, and reliable. These are the current criteria, while the exact brand is of secondary importance. That means that we are now more able to organize our offer based on a class, and less on a brand.

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3. Hybrid becomes electric

Station wagons and MPVs remain as popular as ever. Air conditioning, navigation, and Bluetooth are now standard features for an average leased car. Hybrids cars are falling out of favor, as that market is shrinking slightly every month.

4. More is possible with electric

Fully electric cars are the future, as they are becoming increasingly attractive to the user. As this trend progresses, there will be more charging points, which will also charge faster. And the range of the average electric car will increase significantly within two years to a minimum of 300 kilometers. There is also an incentive for manufacturers because governments fine them if their assortment emits too much CO2 on average. Furthermore, more cities are going to issue fines for polluting cars.

5. From anonymous to insightful

In 2017 a growing number of new cars will be equipped with software. Such applications register where someone drives, how fast, how economically, how safely, and so on. It simplifies the administration of leasing cars. Moreover, it gives users and owners insight into driving behavior, necessary maintenance, and the like. Many leasing companies are currently experimenting with this type of software. The possibilities are enormous, but the balance between functionality and privacy will also have to be maintained.

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