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Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a top of the line system designed to help you work smarter. Using the full features built into Dynamics 365, you can manage daily tasks efficiently without the need to bounce in and out of various applications. Data can easily be shared, time saved, and accuracy assured.

But many organizations have needs that go beyond the ordinary, and that is where we can help. There are literally hundreds of third-party apps available, and customization has become easier than ever. At Western Computer, we can help you integrate your business software for a solution that meets your needs and caters to the way you want to work.

Here are a few examples of ways you can get more out of your integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution:

Office 365 and Dynamics 365 are a powerful combination for elevating customer engagement and boosting productivity. This is especially true for the large portion of workers who are working away from the office using smartphone, tablets, and laptops.

Get More with Dynamics 365 Integrations
  1. Excel: Using Excel templates, your team can automate core processes such as calculating commissions or managing forecasts. Dynamics 365 can use the data in Excel to do in-system analyses without changing applications.
  2. Outlook: By integrating Outlook, your team can add contacts from incoming emails and then track those emails even through your laptop, tablet, or phone. Create new records, view contextual information and match it up with customer information about senders, sales activities, cases, and opportunities.
  3. SharePoint and OneDrive: Your team will be able to access Microsoft Office apps within Dynamics 365, including SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office 365 groups. Various devices, such as Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad or Microsoft Word for iPhone can be used to open documents, and a simple tap on the back button returns you to your CRM app.
  4. Cortana: Cortana integration uses predictive analytics to bring up what’s most relevant at any given time – across personal as well as professional sources.
  5. OneNote:  Share information more easily with Microsoft OneNote embedded inside Dynamics 365. Your team will be able to create and view notes containing text, spreadsheets, voice messages, photos, and even handwritten notes associated with any account or opportunity. And the information in OneNote will automatically be linked with your CRM Online records.
  6. Power BI: With the connectors and templates in Microsoft Power BI, you’ll be able to analyze customer data such as sales, pipeline, and forecasts and use self-serve analytics to manage your team’s activities.
  7. Yammer: Yammer provides your team with a central location for collaborating, creating and editing documents, and sharing information without having to send emails or physically meet up. Posts will appear in their newsfeeds on their Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboard whenever information is added or updated. Others can then add posts and join the conversation.

Our goal is to help our customers get the most out of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365, maximizing their investment and realizing a healthy ROI. If you want to extend the functionality of your applications, create custom apps, or automate processes, we can help. Contact Wester Computer and let us show you what you’ve been missing from common apps you probably already have in place.

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