Dynamics ERP Rescue Implementation: Salvaging ROI for a Major Agricultural Resource Provider

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At Turnkey Technologies we do more than implement ERP. Sometimes we rescue it!

It’s not unusual for companies to come to us for help because their previous Microsoft solution partner either delivered a faulty implementation or was unable to overcome significant IT hurdles. That’s the scenario that led Superior Ag to partner with Turnkey on an ERP salvaging mission.

Providing a full range of agricultural services and resources, Superior Ag required robust ERP software integrated with their customer-facing agricultural retail platform. They chose Microsoft Dynamics GP and worked with a Microsoft partner to deploy it. Unfortunately, the partner designed poor logic between GP and the customer portal, which manifested in sporadic price changes and incorrect customer balances. The former partner was unable to root out the problem and Superior AG team had to spend unacceptable amounts of time and resources fixing the errors as they occurred.

Superior Ag met a Turnkey Technologies team member at a GP user convention, where we committed to fixing the issues with the integration logic between Dynamics GP and the retail platform.

“Turnkey recognized our huge IT investment and didn’t try to sell us new software to replace our current one. They went in to see what they could fix first. What we asked of the original vendor for over ten months to no avail, Turnkey was able to fix in three weeks.” – IT Manager, Superior Ag

We were able to resolve the problem using resources Superior Ag already possessed, with no need for add-ons or software replacements. In doing so, were able to provide Superior Ag and their customers with much needed peace-of-mind and reliable ordering processes.

We continue our partner with Superior Ag to help them evolve as their needs expand and keep GP running at peak performance.

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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Gold Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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