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Affordable Care Act 201: Educational Series for EmployersSummer is the perfect time to get up to speed on what the ACA means for US employers! Whether you’re brand new to the rules of the Affordable Care Act or just in need of a refresher, join us for an information-packed Affordable Care Act 201 educational webinar series in July and August.

We’ll fill you in on all the basics, plus a big handful of ACA compliance issues that many employers are struggling with. Here’s a sneak peek.

What’s Old, What’s New: The Concepts behind the ACA’s Employer Mandate

The employer mandate comes with many concepts. Some are new, such as “shared responsibility” and “pay-or-play rules.” While some different than what we are used to, such as definitions for “applicable large employer,” “affordability,” “full-time” and other terms.

The first webinar in the series explains these concepts that are key to understanding the ACA. Attend if you’re an ACA newbie, or if you just don’t want to fall behind.

Tuesday, July 10 @ 1:30 PM CDT
The Concepts behind the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate
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De-mystifying “Full-Time” Employee Classification

Are you sure you’re classifying your employees correctly as full-time or not? If not, the penalties can be stiff. There are specific guidelines for defining someone as full-time, determining their hours, and crediting things like on-call time, non-trackable hours, and special unpaid leave.

It’s even more complex if you have employees in shared or affiliated groups. Not to worry, though - we’ll explain it all in the second seminar in the series.

Thursday, July 19 @ 1:30 PM CDT
Guidelines for Classifying an Employee as Full-Time
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All About Determining Eligibility for Health Care Coverage

When it comes to health care eligibility, you can’t allow employees to assume they’re eligible or fall into the same trap yourself. There are two main measurement methods for determining whether someone is eligible - monthly measurement and look-back measurement - but it takes some training to know which one to use.

Our third seminar in the series tackles eligibility measuring methods and the many special circumstances that affect whether someone is eligible. If anyone on your staff is due for an employment status change, this is a must-attend seminar.

Tuesday, July 31 @ 1:30 PM CDT
Determining Eligibility for Health Coverage
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Choosing a Pay-or-Play Strategy

There’s a lot of controversy out there surrounding pay-or-play strategies for the ACA. It’s important to understand what each strategy means for your company, and how choosing one will affect things down the line.

In the fourth seminar, we’ll explain coverage penalties, vulnerabilities, and the specific meaning of “quality” and “affordable” health insurance. We’ll also explain the 3 safe harbors under the ACA.

Tuesday, August 7 @ 1:30 PM CDT
Choosing a Pay-or-Play Strategy
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Record-keeping for Required IRS Reporting

The IRS is paying close attention to employer tax documents for ACA violations. Are your records in perfect order?

Our last seminar in the series is an overview of ACA record-keeping rules and how you can ensure you’re 100% compliant. Learn about IRS Forms 1095-C and 1094-C, how to file properly under ACA rules, and what you can do year-round to keep everything shipshape.

Tuesday, August 14 @ 1:30 PM CDT
Recordkeeping for Required IRS Reporting
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Don’t miss this valuable series of ACA webinars - or if you absolutely can’t attend, visit our ACA blog for more information about ACA tracking, reporting, compliance and technology.

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