Self-Service Analytics: Exploring Your ERP Data for Maximum Insights

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In the era of digital transformation, our jobs are overflowing with data like never before. And that’s a good thing! Because more data improves decision making.

But it’s also intimidating, because our systems (and our lives) can become so saturated that the data is difficult to manage.

Many professionals get overwhelmed spending too much time manually building reports or digging up insights while trying to keep up with day-to-day tasks.

It does not have to be that way.

Microsoft Power BI connects hundreds of data sources, including your ERP database, into a single solution that makes it easy to design refreshable reports, ad-hoc analysis and impressive visualizations.

With Power BI, anyone can access the data they need, anytime they need it.


Integrates with virtually any ERP database

While Power BI is obviously compatible with Microsoft solutions and applications, it also integrates with virtually any database powering non-Microsoft ERP applications like Quickbooks, Netsuite, SAP and more.

Connect ALL your data sources

With your data in one place and always up to date, you can start viewing your data on-demand. In addition to connecting your data from critical business systems like ERP, Power BI connects to hundreds of other data sources like Google Analytics, Excel, SharePoint lists, MailChimp and much more.

Design interactive, sharable, all-in-one dashboards with ease

Present data in ways your ERP reporting tools can't. Beyond any chart or graph format, Power BI provides interactive and engaging data visualizations, and even animates your data over timelines, such as month-over-month, and other data ranges.

Visualize your data anywhere, on any glass

With Power BI Mobile, your critical data can be accessed anywhere, anytime, allowing you to always be in the know and to quickly respond to trends that need attention.

Leader in BI for 11 years running

Gartner has rated Microsoft as the leader in self-service analytics for 11 years running and ranks top place for “Completeness of Vision”. Pricing, ease of use and visual appeal, product differentiators and outstanding business benefits are all features that place Power BI ahead of the curve.

There are many reasons to choose Power BI for self-service analytics:

  • Natively connects to hundreds of different data sources
  • Ease-of-use for non-experts
  • Scalable and adaptable with data governance features
  • Data for everyone – from the C-Suite to the shop floor


Are you ready to break free from your data silos?


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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Microsoft Gold Partner based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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