ACA Success Stories - You Could Be Next

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ACA Success Stories - You Could Be Next

Does Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance give you a headache? If so, you’re in the company of millions of frustrated people. The ACA has created one of the most complex compliance challenges in history, and one of the most disliked tasks for U.S. business owners.

But let’s take a moment away from the frustration, to see how ACA compliance can become a positive experience for employers. Success is possible, if you handle it correctly. Integrity Data has helped hundreds of companies become compliant in a way that is easy and affordable. You can read our customer success stories to hear from other businesses who have shared their ACA transformation.

Here are 3 uplifting stories from names you may recognize: HealthBack, Wipfli, and Manpower.

HealthBack: ACA Compliance for Complex Payroll

HealthBack is a home health services company that serves homebound patients across 36 branches in 4 states. Because their staff is highly-specialized and fluctuates based on need, they have an intricate mix of full-time, part-time, salaried, temporary, and on-call pay calculations.

Sabrina Spencer, HealthBack’s COO, wasn’t among the U.S. company leaders who decided to take a “wait and see” approach to the ACA when it was introduced. She acted immediately to address it, knowing the company had a complex payroll situation. She reached out to Integrity Data for ACA compliance help and found a company committed to protecting personal data— something very important in healthcare.

“Their ACA solution was the only one that allowed us to use what we already have,” Spencer explains, “and keep everything in-house instead of handing over our information to another party, which we weren’t comfortable with.”

Working together with Integrity Data, HealthBack sent about 800 employee statements and e-filed with the IRS by respective deadlines—all with ease. Integrity Data handles the preparation of all their 1095-C and 1094-C forms.

HealthBack can now track employee eligibility and coverage affordability automatically, which is a major time-saver. ACA compliance is no longer a frustration point for Spencer and HealthBack because Integrity Data handles the details.

“Integrity Data understands the struggles we as employers are dealing with,” Spencer explains. “They know the laws, reporting, how to guide you through what’s needed. Everyone there
knows what they are talking about.”

Wipfli: Helping a Client Help Their Clients

Wipfli is a CPA and professional services firm that was founded in 1930. They needed an ACA compliance solution that would help them provide world-class service to 44,000 of their own clients.

For Wipfli, the challenge was to find a flexible ACA compliance tool that had robust features, without being outrageously expensive. They didn’t have time to develop an in-house solution with ACA deadlines looming on the horizon, and weren’t satisfied with a variety of existing systems.

“They [existing systems] did not have the intelligence to take payroll and insurance data and determine proper coding for the IRS forms,” explains Wipfli partner Pam Branshaw. “We needed to find someone to work with that would be willing to modify their system and processes to work with us.”

Branshaw felt they found the right partner in Integrity Data, which offers easy importing formats, automatic calculations, and proactive tracking of forms as they reach the IRS. These kinds of features are essential for a company like Wipfli. They have to explain all the features to their own clients on a daily basis.

The partnership has resulted in even better customer loyalty for Wipfli, because they trust that their ACA compliance will be handled properly.

“Through this process, we found a lot of clients were getting inaccurate data from their own systems, “Branshaw says. “When we imported everything into the ACA Compliance Solution, we ended up correcting a lot of forms that would have been seriously wrong.”

Manpower: Big Challenges for a Big Employer

Manpower is a world leader in staffing, with about 10,000 W-2s to send out every year. To understand their unique ACA compliance situation, take a moment to think about their business.

At Manpower, every job order is different. Employees might be assigned for a day, a month, or a year. Their benefits can change at a moment’s notice when they’re assigned to a new job. Keeping track of it all is a huge task - one that’s mostly assigned to benefits specialist Cheryl Johnson, who works in the company’s Wisconsin headquarters.

“Our variable-hour workforce requires a solution that can dig into the details,” Johnson said of seeking a vendor for ACA compliance. She was concerned that most providers wouldn’t be able to handle the job. “Simply tracking the measurement period of ACA was an absolute nightmare. For W-2s, it’s easy: Everyone gets one. But the 1095-C forms are dependent on how many hours an employee works.”

Not only was Integrity Data able to handle the sophistication of Manpower’s workforce management, but they have helped the company stay on top of ever-changing ACA requirements along the way. Manpower’s financial service group controller, Jenny Becker, really appreciates that aspect of the partnership.

“The ACA requirements have changed so much since its rollout and, for every change, Integrity Data releases an update,” Becker says. “Cheryl and I can finally sleep at night.”

Could Integrity Data make your company the next ACA compliance success story?
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