Synergistic Collaboration Keeps Expanding the Benefits of Dynamics NAV

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The differences in the efficiency of your business process before vs. after implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV as your ERP solution are huge. But the benefits will continue to grow as you use the system and learn more about its capabilities.


It’s important to view your ERP investment as an evolving system. Your business requirements may change over time, and as you become more familiar with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you’ll entrust more and more aspects of your business processes to it. Your team will become more proficient and efficient and your processes more streamlined.


Here’s an example of how Microsoft Dynamics NAV use evolved over a short time for one of our clients:


Western Computer worked with Displays2go, a company that manufactures and distributes supplies, fixtures, and materials for retail and trade show displays, to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Some benefits were seen immediately. However, just one year later, after Displays2go staff had learned the intricacies and capabilities of their system, they realized improved business intelligence, expanded resource utilization, enhanced sustainability and streamlined business processes. And the benefits are ongoing and are transforming their business.



4 New Key Capabilities:


Integration with Microsoft Power BI - By integrating Microsoft Power BI, Displays2go was able to expand the capabilities of their Dynamics NAV. This analytical tool allows managers to access business intelligence helping them to forecast customer demand and ensure that appropriate amounts of inventory are on hand.


Smoother order processing – Dynamics NAV’s automated order processing now streamlines customer service, supply chain, production, and distribution. The increased efficiency has allowed Displays2go to expand its overall sales volume without bringing on new employees.


Environmental sustainability -  With Dynamics NAV having eliminated the company’s heavy reliance on paper in workflow processes, Displays2go has gone a long way toward reaching their environmental sustainability goals.  They have reduced their paper and toner use by over ninety-five percent and the decrease in paperwork has allowed the team to be more efficient in processing orders and invoices.


Single data source – With unrelated systems and manual processes, it was often necessary to reconcile spreadsheets and find a way to share the information. Now, with a single source of data, everyone has access to the same information whenever they need it. Information is always up to date, and team members have insight into what other departments are doing so they can coordinate efforts on behalf of customers and clients.


Partnership Plays Key Role in Success


A key factor in the success of Dynamics NAV for Displays2go is their partnership with Western Computer. We not only implement solutions for our clients but we help them to expand the reach of their systems. We’re always looking for ways to help our clients enhance and streamline their business processes. For Displays2go, we recently established electronic data interchange connection with one of their freight carriers; now, invoices can be uploaded electronically rather than having to be manually keyed into the system. This is a good example of how we don’t just deploy solutions for our clients; we’re there to make sure the benefits keep on expanding.


To find out more about how Western Computer helped Displays2go expand the benefits of Dynamics NAV, download the full update here, then Contact us to learn how we can do the same for your company.


By Western Computer

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