How does Microsoft Dynamics enable unlimited companies with its new release, SL 2018?

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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 Release Updates Available Today
Enhancing the core application: With Microsoft’s SL 2018, all technology and workflow are now enabled.

Note: With Microsoft’s new release, end users can advance with new technology and Microsoft Power BI. As with the previous release (SL 2015), FRx is not compatible with this version.

Connect to the Cloud More Easily: Microsoft’s new product makes office technology seamless and accessible by connecting finance and project teams and by embedding the technology throughout the environment. Whether through its improvements to web apps, approvals, or cross-departmental connections, Microsoft’s core technology software is essential for today’s business. The following new enhancements are now included:

Enhanced Query and Preview: Added across multiple modules, the Query and Preview interface gives users the ability to view details, preview, and drill back.

Improved Approvals: Microsoft has added an approval process to key areas of Dynamics SL.

Web Apps: Now included as part of the new Dynamics SL.

Financials: SL provides improvements to GL functionality, payables, and user interface, among other features.

SL 2018 works with Power BI and other applications. There are additions such as its new Import Tools, and it can compile data for multiple companies in one database—a real strength compared with previous versions. The Multi-Company module for Microsoft Dynamics SL enables users to efficiently monitor, analyze, and report on multiple companies or functional divisions within the organization. And its ability to connect SL with multiple other Microsoft applications makes Microsoft Dynamics SL a more robust product.

ODATA Service: ODATA is a standardized protocol for creating and consuming data APIs. ODATA builds on core protocols such as HTTP and commonly accepted methodologies such as REST. The result is a uniform way to expose full-featured data APIs.

SL and BI Content: Dynamics SL 2018 can be enabled with BI 360, and or Power BI to make decision-making smarter and give visibility to users.

Power Apps for SL: Power Apps for SL allows employees to connect, create, and share business applications throughout the company in minutes. Designed to be easy to create, these applications are accessible to users in an Office-like environment throughout the organization.

Flow for SL: Flow for SL is a service that allows users to automate tasks. From postings to complex reporting processes, Flow connects many different modules and applications.

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