Improving Back-Office Efficiencies Enables Michigan Air to Spend More Time on Customers

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The more time your business spends on building relationships, providing services and fulfilling orders, the stronger loyalties you are likely to develop with your customers. That loyalty can lead to additional revenues that help your businesses thrive.


The key to maximizing time with customers is to minimize the time on administrative work and back-office workflows. If internal teams get bogged down by technology that does not work well, or isolated systems that don’t automatically exchange data, the time they invest in customers will decrease—and so too will revenue generation.


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The Right ERP Platform Consolidates Workflows


Michigan Air, which has provided air compressors and maintenance services for more than 90 years, recently set out on a journey to take on this challenge. The company was using multiple isolated systems to run the business, which forced the staff to manually enter information that various systems needed to share. This made workflows inefficient and increased the chances of input errors. A lot of time was spent getting things right that could have been spent on helping customers.


Western Computer helped Michigan Air resolve these issues as we collaborated together to deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution consolidates all workflows and transaction processing that relates to sales, customer accounts, orders, field services, inventory, and finance—all into one ERP platform.


The journey to find the right ERP platform was a long one for Michigan Air, searching for more than a year. Multiple product demonstrations had raised her hopes, but none of the solutions adequately met Michigan Air’s needs in all areas until we introduced her to Dynamics NAV, running in the cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform.


By utilizing Dynamics NAV, the month-end process to close out the financials now takes much less time. There’s no more manual re-classifying and re-entering of data among the accounting, service and inventory functions. And because the processes no longer lag, Michigan Air can operate with the general ledger of two months open at the same time as the entries for a previous month are reconciled and closed out.


Mobility Capabilities Speed Up Inventory and Status Checks


The mobility capabilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV have also proven to be a huge benefit. Michigan Air now equips field technicians with mobile devices so they can immediately submit incident reports rather than waiting until they are back in the office. This allows Michigan Air to invoice for service and parts immediately and provides real-time visibility into installed inventory as well as the status of customer repair issues.


Western Computer also configured the mobile devices so field technicians can work offline when necessary, and then sync with the home office when they regain connectivity. This capability is important because the technicians often provide services to customers in remote areas where Wi-Fi is not available.


The solution will also pay dividends should Michigan Air decide to expand further and open another office. Dynamics NAV will make it easier to scale business operations since NAV runs on Azure in the cloud. New end-users can be added and given access to applications immediately.


To find out more about how Western Computer helped Michigan Air improve workflow efficiencies, read the full customer success story. We would also be glad to schedule a call to discuss how we can help your company achieve similar benefits. Feel free to contact our Dynamics experts!

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