How to copy GP General Journal entries from Excel

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Here is the latest in our series of power-user tips for Dynamics GP -- read on for time-saving advice on using Microsoft GP like a pro...

Ever wonder how to copy and paste General Journal Entries from Excel? Here's how:

  1. Set up the Excel Spreadsheet with four columns in this order:
    1. Account Description, Account, Debit Amount, Credit Amount
    2. Add a row for each line of data entry and create a balanced General Journal entry
  2. Copy the data from the Excel spreadsheet. Do not copy the column headings.
  3. Open the Financial Transaction Entry Window by going Financial > Transaction > General
    1. Create a Batch ID
    2. Enter the Transaction Type (Standard or Reversing)
    3. Enter the Transaction Date
    4. Source Document Code will default
    5. Enter Reference
    6. Currency ID will default
  4. Place the cursor in the Account field and click on the Paste option at the top of the menu bar
  5. The paste action will populate the journal entry
  6. Save the transaction
  7. Post the batch

It's that simple! CSSI Technologies is a certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner with decades of GP experience helping users with GP. To learn more about CSSI or to sign up for our free monthly GP tips newsletter, click here.

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