Simplify Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Requirements

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Simplify Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Requirements

Paid time off is a key benefit for employees, and businesses often choose to provide a variety of options. Offering vacation and sick time, personal time, volunteer or comp time is attractive to employees and could provide a valuable tool in attracting and retaining skilled staff. However, managing a variety of leave options can be chaotic in the payroll department. Changes in mandatory paid sick leave regulations only add to the confusion. Learn how you can simplify leave management for payroll staff and employees with one simple add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll.

Managing Leave Plans Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Offering a variety of leave options is attractive to your employees, but complicated to manage. Calculating and applying multiple types of leave from timesheets can be time-consuming. Making mistakes with these calculations is even more time-intensive to fix. New sick leave regulations only add to the burden. More states are choosing to establish mandatory paid sick time rules. As each state creates their own requirements, businesses that operate out of these regions are tasked with remaining compliant. Managing multiple sick leave plans really throw a monkey wrench into the process.

Managing leave plans shouldn’t be complicated and it doesn’t have to be when you have the right technology in place. Simply deploy the right technology and you will be able to manage all leave plans in one place, efficiently and accurately.

All You Need Is Comprehensive Leave Manager for Dynamics GP Payroll

You can have the best of both worlds – attractive leave management plans and a simple way to manage them. Comprehensive Leave Manager is an add-on for Dynamics GP Payroll that provides a powerful foundation for you to use when establishing leave plans. You can establish any number or type of leave plans for your employees. In addition to the standard vacation time and sick time, you can offer employees other forms of leave. Personal time, administrative leave, comp time or volunteer time are a few options that can be attractive to new recruits or aid with retaining talented employees.

Not only do you have the ability to offer multiple leave options, you can set up a variety of aspects for each of these plans. Create unique accrual schedules and carry-over rules, enforce probationary periods, set maximums, balance caps, and carry over limits. This part of Comprehensive Leave Manager is an ideal way to manage multiple sick leave requirements if you have employees that work in different regions with different regulations. You set up the rules that comply with each of these state’s mandatory paid sick leave requirements and let Comprehensive Leave Manager automatically handle the calculations.

Over time, as you add or change rules, you can assign new leave codes to groups of employees or individual groups, departments or employees. The flexibility that Comprehensive Leave Manager offers is what makes this add-on solution so powerful. Leave management plans and the complex aspects of these plans are just too complicated to manage or trust to manual processes. In addition, state-mandated paid sick leave rules are popping up in different regions and used to be an exception. Now, they are gaining traction and businesses must figure out how to remain compliant.

Manage Multiple Leave Plans and Mandatory Paid Sick Leave with A Single Solution

Track the multiple leave plans that your employees want without creating headaches for your payroll team. Comprehensive Leave Manager is a flexible, powerful solution that streamlines the management of complicated leave plans. Contact Integrity Data to learn how you can simplify and strengthen leave management with a single solution.

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